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About Barbara French

My name is Barbara French I am 59 years old and I will be riding my bike for 2110 miles, from St. Augustine FL to Bar Harbor, Maine, to support this cause. I have spent my entire life in service to the country in one way or another. Earlier in life I was active in the United States Air Force and then I was an air traffic controller. I have recently retired and have had some time to reflect on what is important to me. What I have discovered is that service to others is a strong driving force that keeps me motivated and energized. MS is a debilitating disease that I personally feel I need to do everything I can to help find a cure. I am neither a doctor nor scientist so I do not possess the education required to combat MS in the hospital or laboratory but I can combat this disease in the world by raising awareness and money to further treatment and research. Bike the US combines two aspects of retired life that I have embraced, service to others and biking. Over two thousand miles is a long way to meet and tell people about MS, two thousand miles is a long way to raise money for MS research. I rode, Bike the US for MS, in 2013 from Yorktown VA to San Francisco CA and in 2015 from Bar Harbor MA to Seattle WA, and I am still reaping the rewards personally but by now that money I helped raise has ran out so I will once again suit up and brave the elements for over two thousand miles to have a chance to improve the lives of MS sufferers.

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Barbara French's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $2180
Sherry and Herb King $250.00
Barbara French $200.00
Barbara French $200.00
US Eagle Federal Credit Union $200.00
Chris LeTexier $100.00
Christopher French $100.00
Debra Crosby $100.00
Eddy Boykin $100.00
Mary Lutkewitte $100.00
Megan Cassidy $100.00
Michael Laton $100.00
Michelle Pecka $100.00
Svetlana Wiesen $100.00
Sondra Brown $75.00
Krystal Van Eman $50.00
Liz Biltimier $50.00
Suzanne Beatty $50.00
Karin Keller $40.00
Rhonda Wells $40.00
Angela and Rich Winiarski $25.00
Judy Rice $25.00
Katie Oliver $25.00
My Pampered Pooch $25.00
Peachtree Medical Center $25.00