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About David Hill

This is my second ride with BiketheUSforMS.  Last year i rode the TransAM route and I said it was one of my major bucketlist.  The bucketlist is now complete but helping those with MS continues.

The support for those that have MS is my the only reason for riding this year. The bucket list item has been changed to a mission.

I saw first hand last year during the ride the affect we had on those with Multiple Sclerosis.  We had people with MS stop us on the road or come to our camp sites to tell us how much they appreciated what we were doing.  We also felt their warmth and love when we were able to do some service project for them.       

Working at the National MS office here in Houston Texas as a volunteer two mornings a week has shown me what we can do to support MS.  The money helps those with MS directly and is used to research as well.  Togehter we can help elimate MS and what a great day that will be.

David Hill's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $348335

RAISED: $1845
Kye Sook Chae-Hill $500.00
Shaun Hill $500.00
Allison Smith $250.00
AIG Matching Gift $200.00
Alice Weekley $100.00
Craig Nienhueser $100.00
Darla Haines Mills $100.00
Seo Bae $30.00
Julie Brito $25.00
Rachel Parry $20.00
Ronald Pinkerton $20.00