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About Fred Zelt

Here we go, on a journey from Virginia to San Francisco to raise funds and do service projects to help people with MS!  This is a very special group of fantastic, service-oriented cyclists, and it is my good fortune to be able to travel with them and help faise funds for MS as one of the Route Leaders.

If you are a cyclist, and especially a Bike the US for MS Alum, come join us!  We would love for you to join us for the whole route, or for any part of it.  A lot of people join as segment cyclists and ride for a day, a week or a couple of weeks.  Come ride with us!  We will have a great time and you will feel very good about getting great exercise, seeing the country at the pace of a bicycle, and doing something useful for people with MS, together with a great group of like-minded, service-oriented cyclists!  Come ride with us!

If you can't ride with us, please consider showing that you are with us by donating to this worthy cause.  When we are cycling in June and July, we will have a public Facebook group with lots of photos and updates, so you can experience this epic journey together with us.  If you donate to any of the TransAm riders or Route Leaders, you will be making this long and arduous journey worthwhile for all of us to make, and you will know that you are part of the team as we pedal westward.  Come along with us!

You can donate by using the link on this page or the page of any of the other cyclists or Route Leaders, or by mailing a check to Bike the US for MS using the address below.  On the check, please write the name of the rider or Route Leader in the memo line so they clearly see that you are supporting their amazing efforts.  Thank you and God bless you!

Bike the US for MS

P.O. Box 10001

Blacksburg, VA 24062

Fred Zelt's Fundraising

TEAM GOAL: $150000



Joanna Ajdukiewicz $200.00
Bob Emmelkamp $177.00
Fred Zelt $100.00
mark tomlinson $100.00
Don Mitchell $50.00
Julie Szymanski $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Sarah Runyon $20.00