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About Jayce Riley

Hello everyone!

My name is Jayce Riley, and to be honest, I've never ridden a bike out of the driveway before. When my cousin told me about Bike the US for MS I was pretty taken back by the thought of traveling across the continental United States on merely two wheels and an uncomfortable seat. After much deliberation, it seemed like a great idea... why not right?

MS affects me on a very personal level because my mother had it for more than thirteen years before passing away right before the start of my senior year of high school. She's the inspiration for this crazy adventure I will embark on, and with her watching over me I can accomplish almost anything. It's with that inspiration, along with the thought of helping countless others affected, that I will take a giant leap from my driveway to the roads of this great nation in hopes of spreading awareness of the awful disease known as MS.

Jayce Riley's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $415841

RAISED: $5126
Hermosillas Deli Donation Jars $1000.00
Fairmont Senior Baseball Boosters $500.00
Troy and Mary Lou Fricke $500.00
Elmo Trickett $200.00
MVB Bank Inc. $200.00
Sylvia and Henry Rastle $200.00
Tom and Linda Feltz $200.00
Anonymous $101.00
Belinda Morris $100.00
Dave and Toni Ricer $100.00
Eric and Brenda Brubaker $100.00
Jay and Beth Feltz $100.00
Jenine and Ian Fairley $100.00
Judy Suplita $100.00
Kelly Gustafson $100.00
Laura Laratta $100.00
Lisa McCombs $100.00
Lisa Yerace $100.00
Mike Laura Sean and Steven Riggleman $100.00
Tina Mascaro $100.00
Ben Knabenshue $50.00
Bonita Hadox $50.00
Daimen Davis $50.00
Joe Malucci $50.00
Jon Feltz $50.00
Joseph Kremer $50.00
Kathy and Gerry Haymond $50.00
Margaret Moore $50.00
Pam Shanholtz $50.00
Teresa Ray $50.00
Thomas Colanero $50.00
Kaylyn Messenger $40.00
Adam Morris $30.00
Trish Conner $30.00
Dana Summers $25.00
Donna Weir $25.00
Jamie Grant $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Maria Deighton $25.00
Mary Lou McDonald $25.00
Melissa Mohr $25.00
Nancy Smarr $25.00
Ryan Ricer $25.00
Brett White $20.00
Don Fraser $20.00
Holly Bogdanich $20.00
Jen Potoczny $20.00
Jo and Anthony Pitrolo $20.00
Cody Brubaker $10.00
Mara DePena $10.00
Pete Higginbottom $10.00
Taylor Campbell $10.00
Traci Knabenshue $10.00