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About Gary Sadler

Having ridden the TransAm in 2014 and JOGLE UK in 2015, it’s great to be back riding with BTUS4MS again this autumn.

Having been so inspired by my fellow cyclists, BTUS4MS and particularly those coping with MS that we met along the way, it has always been the plan to ride another cross-country route at some point. Unfortunately work has got in the way until now.  

This time it’s the Southern Tier - San Diego California to St Augustine Florida – 3070 miles, raising money for the same great cause. The aim is to raise a minimum of a $ per mile. The money raised goes towards research into the causes/cure for MS and some for direct assistance to those suffering with MS.


For those of you who know us, yes, Claudia is doing the trip too and you can see her profile on the site as well. 


I hope you will be able to support us. Even a single £/$ will build towards the total! 


It's easy to donate. You can donate online in £GBP (no transaction charges for UK account holders) or in $US by clicking the orange 'Donate' button at the top of this page. .


Thank you.


Gary Sadler's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $415841

RAISED: $3083
Numerous Donors $2284.00
TB WIN $169.00
Gary Summers $98.00
PP WIN $94.00
Summer House $98.00
WC Bets $87.00
Olivia RuiZamora $50.00
Mac Allister $45.00
A Sweep $34.00
Aled Hughes $26.00
Des Andy $26.00
Grace Flannigan $26.00
Sharon Stevens $19.00
Brent Ashcroft $13.00
Anonymous $14.00