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About Nancy Arrington


My name is Nancy, and I'm headed out on a cross country bike trip this summer to raise money for multiple sclerosis outreach and research. I finish grad school (finallllyyyy) this May and don't start my new gig as a political science professor until September. So I'm using the time in between to raise some money for a good cause, ride my bike, and learn about parts of the US I've never seen before. We leave Yorktown, Virginia on May 31st and arrive in San Francisco on August 1st for a total of 3,785 miles!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with MS, MS affects the central nervous system and causes a wide variety of symptoms including difficulty moving, vision problems, difficulties with the digestive system, and pain. World-wide more than 2.3 million people are affected by MS. Check out the National Multiple Sclerosis Society ( for more info.

If you have the financial flexibility, please consider donating to MS outreach and research through our Bike the US for MS team. Just click the orange "Donate" button on the top right of this page. My fundraising goal is a dollar a mile ($3785) and the TransAm team goal is $150,000! Thanks for clicking through and reading my page :)




Nancy Arrington's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $415841

RAISED: $3925
Nancy Arrington $500.00
Ross Moosnick $455.00
Allison Cuttner $150.00
Lizzy Wiener $120.00
Alex Lane $100.00
Ben Arrington $100.00
David Bell $100.00
erin wrenn $100.00
Helen Arrington $100.00
Judith Parsons $100.00
Lisette Branscomb $100.00
Liz Arrington $100.00
Lynn Lester $100.00
Mary Arrington $100.00
Rick Morgan $100.00
Rose Priddy $100.00
Stephanie Kerce $100.00
Thomas Arrington $100.00
Liz Robb $75.00
Robert Arrington $75.00
Anonymous $54.00
Amanda Meng $50.00
Beth Reingold $50.00
Bridget Fowler $50.00
Craig Webster $50.00
Debbie Lee $50.00
George Arrington $50.00
Jane Sumner $50.00
Kirsten Widner $50.00
Laura Maxwell $50.00
Marian and Leon Proper $50.00
Sarah Guagliardo $50.00
Anonymous $35.00
Kristin and Benito Ferro $30.00
Taylor Curry $30.00
Alexis Goodrich $25.00
Christopher Pham $25.00
Dani Villa $25.00
Jennifer Shin and Martin Faye $25.00
Marissa Grossman $25.00
Mary Hannah Arrington $25.00
Parker Cleveland $25.00
Parker Cleveland $25.00
Bethany Morrison $20.00
Cash Donation $20.00
Florian Justwan $20.00
Margaret Parsons $20.00
Sarah Fisher $20.00
Tshirt $20.00
Anita Boyle $21.00
Hannah Sabella $15.00
Laura Huber $15.00
Rachel Harmon $15.00
Anna Gunderson $10.00
Catherine and Nick Skefoz $10.00
Elizabeth Kantak $10.00
Gray Barrett $10.00
Helema Jones $10.00
Laura Vieth $10.00
Daniel Arnon $5.00