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About David Duff

My name is David Duff, and I've signed on for the Atlantic coast ride to support those fighting the dibilitating effects of Multiple Sclerosis.  This is my second cycling adventure with the MS organization.  In 2016, I crossed the US on the southern tier.  The cyclists and staff on that trip were major contributors to a remarkable and memorable journey.  The psychological and physical challenges make the effort "a road less traveled" I suspect for many. That's all the more reason for me to do it again.  It's such a unique way to see the country and meet terrific people to support a great cause, I couldn't resist.  For anyone thinking of cycling across the country, for your consideration, I'm not really what you might consider a cyclist.  I simply prepare physically and enjoy the challenge of the adventure.  I urge my family and friends who read this to consider a tax deductible contribution to MS effort.  My wife Tammy is making the initial contribution to support MS, and I cover all my expenses for the trip.  Hopefully, I've inspired you to donate. Similar to riding across the country, I have found you get what you give.  Thanks to everyone in advance!

David Duff's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $4100
Tamara Duff $2200.00
Delphi Groupe $500.00
Robert & Bennie Asson $500.00
Debora Dean $300.00
Bo Isaak $200.00
Carolyn Ribali $100.00
Lloyd Sydnor $100.00
Patti Baiocchetti $100.00
Paul Arata $100.00