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About Brittany Orlandini

I am very excited to be a part of the 2012 Bike the US for MS team.  What an amazing opportunity to represent an organization with such an admirable cause, while seeing some of the most beautiful parts of our country from the seat of a bike.  I can't think of a better way to spend a summer.

I have been cycling for almost four years.  It started simply as a way to stay in shape but has since grown into one of my greatest passions.  I was fortunate enough to have the chance to ride with an amazing cycling club.  They taught me more than I could have imagined and gave me a whole new appreciation for the sport.  Thanks again Vineland Velocity.  You are an amazing group of riders. 

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Marketing in 2009 and I currently live and work in South Korea as an ESL teacher.  I'm grateful for the travel opportunities this job provides me, including the cross country ride this May.  To all of the 2012 cyclists, I look forward to riding with you!  It's going to be an amazing summer!  To my friends and family, let this be an opportunity for us to work together to combat a truly devastating disease.  It's difficult to imagine the impact MS has on the lives of those affected. I couldn't begin to picture my life without the ability to cycle or do the other things that I love.  Every dollar counts so let's get rolling:)

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Brittany Orlandini's Fundraising


ALL 2012 TEAMS TOTAL: $251266

RAISED: $5286
Anonymous $400.00
Orlandini Tile Supplies $250.00
debra g orlandini $200.00
Edward Kelly $200.00
Edwin & Saralyn Bergamo $200.00
Gregory S Smith $200.00
Villa Fazzolari's $186.00
Brittany Orlandini $150.00
Dandrea Produce, Inc $150.00
Ryan K. Seeley $120.00
Alan & Cynthia Angelo $100.00
Augustus Scoma $100.00
David & Karen Orlandini $100.00
Herman Winter $100.00
Jeffrey C. Wilson $100.00
John Gaburo $100.00
Karen L Mikkelson $100.00
Keith & Diane Antonides $100.00
Lorie Ann Geri Zanni $100.00
marisa e. robson $100.00
Michael Egues $100.00
Myra Geri $100.00
Pedro P Dominguez $100.00
Robert A Conner $100.00
Shelly Schneider $100.00
Thomas A Higgins $100.00
Thomas Baruffi $100.00
Tjade orlandini $100.00
Bill Sciarretta $60.00
Amelia Gaburo $50.00
Carolyn Tobolski $50.00
Daniel D Seifring Jr. $50.00
Dominc A Speziali $50.00
Donna sikking $50.00
Eileen J. Pickus $50.00
George Zorzi $50.00
Jennifer J McCarthy $50.00
john a pirolli $50.00
Lori A Urban $50.00
Natalie Damico $50.00
Sandra & William Tamarri $50.00
Shannon Desiere & Family $50.00
Betty Tamagni $30.00
Deborah A. Damico $30.00
Linda and Wilfrido Velazquez $30.00
Anonymous $30.00
mary ann defeo $30.00
Tarmeg LLC Mark Moratelli $30.00
Alan Zorzi $25.00
Duane Ciraolo $25.00
Gordon & Pamela Comrie $25.00
Jennifer R O'Brien $25.00
John & Bonnie Belfi $25.00
June Mazzoni $25.00
Lou & Gloria Polizzi $25.00
Mary Holmes $25.00
Patricia L Bohn $25.00
Terri & Michael Gaboda $25.00
Fay & Robert Lorenzini $20.00
Linda & Vincent Zorzi $20.00
Ed Walsh $10.00
Steven N Dyson $10.00