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About Rick Stark

In April I will start in Florida riding the Atlantic Coast to Bar Harbor,Maine. When I get to Bar Harbor I am going to continue on the Northern Tier until I reach Cleveland Ohio. Well I have now raised enough money to go the whole Northern Tier and I am starting down the Pacific Coast. My goal has now changed to ride all four Tiers around the USA in one long beautiful trip. 

 I am pleased to be once again riding with BiketheUSforMS because for over 10 years they have been organizing rides as a means to raise money and create awareness in the fight to find a cure  for Multiple Sclerosis. We not only raise money but during our rides we have service days where we actually visit the homes of people with MS to help them with yard work or house work that they can't do themselves. This is a humbling experience and it is one I am thankful for.
Please don't look at this as funding my vacation, this is a serious trip raising money for a serious cause. Please click on the link below and donate any amount to this very deserving cause.

Rick Stark's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $2052
Anonymous $500.00
Richard Taylor $400.00
Friends at Safeway $327.00
Nancy Kiskis $200.00
Facebook Fundraiser $155.00
Andrew Meyer $100.00
Dustin Taylor $100.00
Robert Ritchey $100.00
Michael Ingram $60.00
Betty Green $50.00
Karen Quinkert $25.00
Colin Berg $20.00
Maurice Schimmelman $15.00