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About Franz Hoppe

Hi, my name is Franz Hoppe although almost everybody calls me Frank, even my wife. I'm a 68 years old fellow from Germany/Hamburg who had until now no severe desease and who feels according his age quite fit. Not everybody has the same luck, for instance my brother. He has no MS but he is a disabled person from his birth on. Two years ago we had been in the USA and he liked it very much although he can't speak the english language. And because I like it also to be in the States, I thought might be a good idea to travel slow and except hiking the best way to do it is on a bike.On my research in the internet how I could make it  come true, I found "Bike the US for MS". To ride in company and for charity seemd to be a good goal. In the beginning I was a little bit afraid of several things. Can I make it in 69 days. What is with the wind, what with the Rockies and upon that is it possible to raise the donation. So I procrastinated it from the last year to this year.  I even don't know it yet but hope for the best. Always waiting for better times let grow you old and I don't have much time left doing such "foolish" things. But I'm sure it also will be a lot of fun. Now I prepare myself riding every possible day, alone or with friends. I'm very proud of my wife, because she was supporting my idea just from the beginning.

Franz Hoppe's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $8816
ALFIDA Steuerberatungsgesellschaft $1500.00
Hans-Peter Bockwoldt $590.00
Campus Catering GmbH Moritz Jahn $500.00
Ludwig Allmann RELINEEUROPE AG $500.00
Mata Hoppe $500.00
Thomas Uhrig $500.00
Werner Vollert Tiefbau $400.00
Vogt IST GmbH $350.00
Firma Eisenbach $310.00
Irene Ernd $250.00
wolfgang und Christine Mantz $235.00
alex guth $200.00
Siebert Knipschild GmbH $200.00
Technische Akademie Hannover Igor Borovsky $200.00
ThiesMediCenter GmbH $200.00
Rohrsanierung Jensen $186.00
VSB Essen Alumnis $186.00
Rainer Hermes $150.00
BI MEDIEN GmbH Artur Graf zu Eulenburg $125.00
Joerg Brigitte Wiedekamp $125.00
Wolfgang Bolland $102.00
Babsi Blechschmidt and friends $100.00
Christian Reimers $100.00
Cornelius Jahn $100.00
FMP Fuchs Versicherungsmakler $100.00
Gabriele Jakobs $100.00
Karl Ernd $100.00
Martina Heitzig $100.00
Oswald Sthamer $100.00
Silke und Karsten Krambek $100.00
Thomas Holtschmidt $100.00
Grillen Grillen $85.00
Ronald Beyer $80.00
VSB Hannover Alumnis $80.00
Bastian Arlt $56.00
Elisabeth Vierheller $50.00
Udo Wiese $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Frank Kemnitz $25.00
Sarah Dave $25.00
VSB Essen Alumni $6.00