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About Jillian Seng

I am an art teacher, explorer, knitter, painter, and big time thrifter.  Lover of mountains, chocolate, my Saint Bernard, Chubbs, and supportive and loving husband, Chris. 

I met the Northern Tier group just yesterday morning as they were camped out at the school I work for.  I was asked to join them for a morning bike ride and I was a little hesitant as they have been biking across the country and they are "real bikers".  I ended up going and did a 50-mile day, half with them to their first rest stop overlooking the Koocanusa Reservoir.  

Well, here I am....1 day later.  Inspired by a group of enthusiasic riders young and old, with the courage to bike across the country. I am excited and thrilled to go on this journey with them and finish the ride through Washington.

Jillian Seng's Fundraising


ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $414513

RAISED: $1075
Victoria Rider $150.00
Alex Sable $100.00
Hunter Henderlite $100.00
Uncle Bob Henderlite $100.00
wall e wenklar $100.00
Will Seng $100.00
Carol Wiestner $50.00
Kari Schnaars $50.00
Rob and Courtney Furey $50.00
Therese and Bill Lane $50.00
Amy Yarus $30.00
Elizabeth Schenk $25.00
Leah Ellert $25.00
Olivia Henderlite $25.00
Sue Mckenna $25.00
White Rabbit $25.00
Hunter Wenklar $20.00
Andrew Gideon $13.00
Jennie Printy $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Stacy Adkins $10.00
Charlene Fulponi $7.00