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Hi BikeTheUXForMS friends and fellow riders!  I am going to ride, as I promised to some of you, a double century, and raise money for MS!  I am looking to raise $200, or one dollar per mile.  I'm doing this to help support the Bike The UK For MS ride that I just finished, as well as just to see if I can do it!  Your support - both financially and emotinally/psychologically, are essential to keep me going!

I'm going to do this ride on a short 8-mile track that goes back and forth from Oakland to Treasure Island.  I'll be tracking the distance on my Garmin, and I will also set up a Live Track for those who donate so you can watch me go.

The ride will happen the first weekend after I get to the $200 mark!

Even a small donation is a huge help; it's just as much about building awareness for the disease, which is why I'll be doing it with my jersey on!

Check out my Garmin Connect profile the day of to see how I'm doing:

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ALL 2018 TEAMS TOTAL: $415841

RAISED: $1121
Scott Patterson $1000.00
Robert Offermann $50.00
Anitra Mazzoleni $25.00
Suzanne Stack $25.00
James Whateley $11.00
Nicole Montague $10.00

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