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Hi I am joining in on this ride to help create awarness for ms and to support a good cause. This would be one of the biggest goals to complete since being diagnosed with MS.  Having goals allows me to stay healthy and fight back against MS.  By participating in this ride I will be albe to keep my legs moving and stay strong. 

I stopped working as a dental hygienst when I was diagnosed with MS, I no longer have the dexterity or strength in my right hand that allows me to hold dental instruments or even write my name on a straight line.  So for now, I volunteer with the Palm Beach County Medical center as a Emergency First Responder if needed and find other things to keep me active in my field. 

I need your support and need to raise One dollar per mile for Each Mile I ride.  By sponsoring my ride you will not only help me fight back against MS but you will help out others effected by MS. 

I  am still trying to cross a few rivers and tackle a few bridges I have only  been dealing with MS for  four years but I know someday I will see clearly and it will be a bright sun shinny day for me and the others with ms.

Since committing to doing this epic adventure across country, I have had so many friends, family and people across the US, wish me luck and how I inspire them.  I think this trip will be one of the most important things I will do in my life time. 

I want to inspire the next person dx. with MS to ride a bike, stay active and fight back.  I am very lucky to be dx. with MS at a time when we had  years of medical reseach behind us and Disease Modifying MS Drug Therapies available to treat the newly diag. person with MS. 

Since my dx. of MS in 2007, I have pedal in 8 MS bike events with the National MS Society and now preparing to ride in my 9th.10th & 11th MS bike rides Later this year. I will be riding in the following MS 150 Events "city to shore" NJ., "Bay to Bay" CA., & Las Vegas Bike MS in Nov. 

After I complete the ride across country with the BIKE THE US FOR MS, I will be riding in the Livestrong Philadelphia Challenge Series Ride again for my second year.  I will always ride in events that support Medical research programs for any disease or illness.

My family has givin me the nickname, "RIDE ON, MARLENE!"  they know first hand how having a bike has help me overcome my fears of this disease they call "MS". 

So if you see me pedaling by you across the US, I would love it you could shout out,

                                         "RIDE ON, MARLENE!" it would make my day.

Looking forward to meeting some beautiful people across the US

Marlene Callahan's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2012 TEAM TOTAL: $100781

ALL 2012 TEAMS TOTAL: $251266

RAISED: $3967
Frank Callahan Co, Inc $300.00
H J O'Connor's Inc $250.00
H. L. Brossy II $250.00
Anonymous $200.00
James Callahan $200.00
Palm Beach Boys $200.00
Bonnie Callahan $150.00
Teresa & Shannon Callahan $150.00
Brian D Sink $100.00
Bruce Chernow, DDS $100.00
Eileen Donnelly $100.00
Frank M Boka $100.00
Frank M Boka $100.00
Kendall Morrison $100.00
marlene callahan $100.00
marlene callahan $100.00
Michael & Family $100.00
Molly McQuires Irish Pub (marlene Callahan) $100.00
Richard & Deborah Lubell $100.00
Richard Atherton $100.00
Steven Misrack $100.00
Samuel Callahan $75.00
Chris Flanagan $50.00
Christine, Jason, & Mark $50.00
Colleen Galanti $50.00
Domenic Grosso $50.00
Jennifer K Cherry $50.00
marlene callahan $50.00
Mary C Noone $50.00
Sean F Callahan $50.00
Anonymous $40.00
Bernard & Jean Reilly $25.00
Bernie Reilly $25.00
Bruce Sailor $25.00
James & Barbara Galante $25.00
jean m feeley $25.00
Linda Evans $25.00
Luigi's Pizza & Pasta $25.00
marlene callahan $25.00
Pat Smith $25.00
Christine, Jason, & Mark $20.00
Jan B. $20.00
Jarrod Koesten $20.00
Jersey Boy $20.00
Marlene callahn $20.00
Robert & Dawn Siman $20.00
AJ Seagal & the girls $17.00
Anonymous $10.00
marlene callahan $5.00