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Prologue: I posted the bio below last November, 2011. Since posting, I have become much more aware of MS and the painful difficulties it brings to individuals and families dealing with the disease. Virtually every group I talked to shared stories about how MS has impacted loved ones, and how appreciative they are that our group is raising funds and awareness to help the cause. In particular, I would like to dedicate this ride to Rae and to the memory of her dear mother, Claudette. Please know that you are not alone.

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I have loved cycling from the time I started riding my tricycle at the age of three.  I’ll never forget the day that my mother helped me scratch my name into the bright red paint of my new trike.  With that act, the ownership of my new wheels empowered me to ‘go’ as I had never gone before.  On my sixth birthday, my sense of empowerment broadened when I became the owner of a brand new Schwinn classic girl’s bike, royal blue.  Memories of my dad teaching me to ‘trust’ the bike as well as myself, to trust the physics of forward momentum, to be filled with the confidence that I could go forward and not fall, all give witness to the positive impact cycling has had in my life.

Fast forward, the years flew by, like the wind sweeping across my face on a steep downhill run, filled with  memories of cycling with my parents and siblings, of my dad’s example, doing century rides well into his 60’s, of my bike adventures in Europe and the USA, of teaching my own two children to ride; always the bike, an extension of myself, giving me the power to do more than my body alone could.  Then, I put my bike down for a decade, too busy to exercise, too stressed not to overeat until I became obese.  When I realized I had to do something about my poor physical condition or die, I began to eat right and exercise again.  My dream was to do my first century ride before the age of fifty.  With my husband’s support and encouragement, I fulfilled that dream.  At fifty-four years old, I’ve completed five century rides and more metric centuries than I can count. 

My new dream is to ride my bicycle across the USA before I am officially a ‘senior citizen’ at the age of fifty-five by doing the TransAmerica ride for MS.  I know I can do it! Presently, I am at the convergence of many circumstances in my life that would allow me to make this trip of a lifetime.  The main converging elements involve time, strength, and support.  For now, I have them all.  I believe I can fulfill this dream, and so do many other people whose encouragement means everything to me.  I thank God for you every day! 

Though I don't have a close personal relationship with anyone who is dealing with the symptoms and conditions of MS, members of my close family as well as extended family have had to cope with many other debilitating conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and certain other painful disorders.  All of these constantly present our family with tremendous obstacles to conquer.  For this reason, I have an emotional connection with all who struggle to live full lives in the face of great internal and external challenges.  One thing is for sure, knowing that someone cares when you are going through a hard time can give you strength and courage to keep going in the face of trying, sometimes overwhelming circumstances. 

I am very excited about this ride.  This is the chance of a lifetime.  From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone who is providing support, encouragement, and forward momentum for this journey.  Thank you for helping me as well as those who struggle every day with MS.  God bless you friends! 

BTW, you can visit this website to find out where the money goes.


Tanya Conover's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2012 TEAM TOTAL: $100781

ALL 2012 TEAMS TOTAL: $251266

RAISED: $4320
Clark Construction Group, LLC $1000.00
Joseph h Conover $700.00
Joseph H Conover $300.00
Charles O'Reilly $250.00
Daniel J. Lemieux $250.00
Anonymous $200.00
James B Omans $200.00
John T Elkins $200.00
David Tacchetti $120.00
Albert Winchester $100.00
Clark Construction Group $100.00
Debra H. Cargill $100.00
Donna J Motsek $100.00
Rachida GMcCravey $100.00
Bette L Sneed $50.00
Doris Bunker $50.00
Jean Stang $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Kristi Hartley $50.00
Pamela Beals $50.00
Ronna Spacone $50.00
Margot S Conover $30.00
Robin Lujan $30.00
John & Arlene Weagraff $25.00
Michelle Nicolai $25.00
Rebecca O'Bryan $25.00
St. James Church, Manitowoc, WI $25.00
Susan Watson $25.00
Teresa & Mark Smith $25.00
Alma B. Johnson $10.00
Elinor & Carson Dayley $10.00
Nancy R. Faux $10.00
Scott Conover $10.00