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About Matt Konecek

Hey guys, my names Matt (aslo known as Apache) and I rode the Northern Tier this past summer.  It was my first trip with the org. and I wasnt sure what I was getting myself into, I was just told that its the trip of a lifetime and I had to do it.  By the time we arrived at the finish line, I had made some amazing new friends, seen some awesome country side and mountain tops, and made some memories to last a lifetime.  Along with that I got a complete understanding of MS and how it effects the people living with it and the people whos friends have it, and nothing felt greater than going to the MS clinic along the route and seeing the joy in the patients eyes when we explained to them how we were spending our summer raising awareness and funds for MS.  That part of the trip was a true eye opener and made me realize how important this summer and experience really is, and how we do make a difference in these peoples lives. I knew I had to do the trip again and it turns out Im going to be able to do it sooner than I planned. I cant wait to see the transAM route and help out all the full time riders and make some new memories, see some more beautiful country, and kick MS is the you know what for the second time.  Anyone who hasnt done the trip, all I can say is get ready for the best summer of your life.  See you all in Virginia!

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TEAM GOAL: $100000

TEAM RAISED: $100781