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About Colin Beal

I grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia and I attended Virginia Tech and the University of Texas at Austin.  After leaving Austin, I worked in Wyoming for a few months and I am currently visiting South America.  I am excited about finally having the opportunity to participate in Bike the US for MS. 

From its conception, I have wanted to contribute to the Bike the US for MS effort.  In a time when complicated social welfare programs are in the daily news and the Country’s financial system is continually up-for-debate, I was inspired by this organization’s ambition, direct approach to making a difference, and devotion to see the project succeed.  I am excited to help.

Colin Beal's Fundraising


ALL 2012 TEAMS TOTAL: $251266

RAISED: $3117
Michael E Webber $300.00
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Echols $250.00
W. E. and Linda Beal $250.00
Erik Neander $200.00
Rhett Abernathy $150.00
Daniel G Alderman $100.00
M. Catherine McCartney $100.00
Mark R. Gardiner $100.00
Matthew Benz $100.00
Rhykka Connelly $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Samuel & Joan Beal $100.00
Terry Robinson $100.00
Ashlynn S Stillwell $92.00
Frederick T Davidson $75.00
Lucy Richardson McClain $75.00
Michael J Hurley $75.00
Linda C. Beal $60.00
Alan B Watts $50.00
Amanda D. Cuellar $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Christopher L Hoy $50.00
David M Robinson $50.00
George James $50.00
Hoyt Thomas $50.00
Kathryn L Essex $50.00
Kazunori Nagasawa $50.00
Michael Dixon $50.00
Ryan Wilson $50.00
Stuart Cohen $50.00
Thomas S. Blaszak $50.00
Ashleigh E Shepherd $20.00
John Longest $20.00
Jonas Fritjof Hartmann $20.00
Scotty Metz-Davidson $20.00
Brittany D. Ashe $10.00

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