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About Mark Letenzi

Hi there! My name is Mark Letenzi; I'm 20 years old and currently a sophomore at Virginia Tech. I'm from Bloomsbury, New Jersey. Believe it or not, there really is more to New Jersey than the Jersey Shore. I'm a finance major at Tech and while I'm definitely interested in it, I can't say I'm looking forward to a desk job. My whole life, I've done a ton of things outdoors and am only looking to do even more as I get older. While I can only say that I'm a casual biker, my dad is someone who is really into it. Doing 40+ mile bike trips on the weekends is nothing special for him. Besides biking, he has also done extensive climbing in the Alps and may be the reason why I have such a sense of adventure. I first heard about Bike the US for MS when I met Bret Taylor through my fraternity last year. He talked very highly of the trip and it was then that I started to get interested. When Bret got back, he showed me the incredible pictures of the journey and then I really realized that I've never even been out west, which also influenced my decision to join. When I had first thought about doing the trip, I didn't really know many people who was affected by MS. But after I started talking with friends and family about my idea to join Bike the US for MS, they began telling me of several people they know who have been or are affected by MS. I see this trip as the ultimate way to not only give them encouragement but to also spread the word about MS and make it an issue on people's minds. Biking this summer will be an incredible challenge that I can't wait to take on. I look forward to being able to take part in a cause that I truly believe in and one that will motivate me every step of the way. Thanks again to everyone who will make this possible!

Mark Letenzi's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2010 TEAM TOTAL: $100764

ALL 2010 TEAMS TOTAL: $100764

RAISED: $4470
Maresco International Corp. $1000.00
Howard Jones $400.00
Jeff Conocchioli $400.00
Philip Fabbricante $200.00
Sandra Letenzi $175.00
Nancy Massa $150.00
Tammy Bagnato $150.00
Susan Aldrich $120.00
Carl Belke $100.00
Catherine Hawkins $100.00
Charlotte Hawkins $100.00
Eileen Frerking $100.00
Elena Grossi $100.00
Frank Fabbricante $100.00
IRN Payment Systems $100.00
John Fabbricante $100.00
Betty Sieminski $50.00
Chris Friberg $50.00
Diane Heitmann $50.00
Frank Osuch $50.00
John Scirica $50.00
Karen Johnson $50.00
Lindsay Ann Dunne $50.00
Margaret Morgan $50.00
Michael Sweetman $50.00
Robert Vila $50.00
Spyridoula Kontis $50.00
William Moorhead $50.00
Eric Patterson $40.00
Fran Michie $40.00
Stephanie Lambour $30.00
Ada Roth $25.00
Barry Sanzone $25.00
Deborah Croasdale $25.00
Rebecca Eldridge $25.00
Renee Sopko $25.00
Blacksburg Raffle $20.00
Christine McWilliams $20.00
Cynthia Butler $20.00
Evan Stewart $20.00
Konan Perez $20.00
Kristi McFarland $20.00
Marc Mazzie $20.00
Paul Shapiro $20.00
Sean Johnson $20.00
Vivian Triolo $20.00
Laura Lysyj $10.00
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Matthew Leffler $10.00
Joyce Criss $5.00
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