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Hi and thanks so much for clicking your way to my page! I'm going to try to convince you in the next few paragraphs that it is a whole lot easier for you to push that little blue button over there to the right then it will be for me to ride my bike across the country this summer but you can really just save us all some time and hit it now to help support the cause! Come on... Please? I'll be on my bike for 75 days totaling 4,300 miles... you can take 2 minutes to fill out a couple boxes right?

Still need some convincing huh? You should know that your donation goes directly to support those struggling with MS. 90% of all funds are used to support research for and the treatment of those with Multiple Sclerosis. This strong commitment of putting your dollars to work is why we get to camp out on the side of the road for the next 3 months instead of wasting your money on unnecessary things like hotels and showers while we bike across this great country raising awareness for MS. The other 10% goes toward administrative costs. As great as it would be for every dime to go toward research and patient care we do need to make sure this event continues to grow every year so that we can help more people in the long run. All donations are tax deductible as Bike the US for MS is a 501c3 nonprofit. Tax ID# 27-2192426.

Unfortunately there is no cure for MS at this time making it crucial that research efforts continue so we can soon eradicate this debilitating disease. Until that time comes people with the disease face a long uphill battle that we can help in other ways. Because MS affects our nervous system those with the disease can be affected with vision changes, loss of arm and leg strength and develop balance problems leading to risk of further injury and ultimately the loss of independence. Along our ride we will be stopping to help people modify their homes to ensure they are safe within their own homes performing day to day activities many of us take for granted. We will do whatever it takes to help each family: clean, install a ramp, a stairglide, grab bars in the bathroom.... Anything! Think you can donate to help make sure these modifications can happen? That button is still waiting for a click! It'll make you feel good.

Thank you for helping fight MS!!! Your support is greatly appreciated! I look forward to updating you on our efforts and the difference you have just made in the lives of those with MS.



PS. Checks can be made out to Bike The US For MS and please put Patrick Brennan in the notes section. Details for checks are found by hitting that same blue button up top. Thank you :-)

Patrick Brennan's Fundraising


ALL 2012 TEAMS TOTAL: $251266

RAISED: $4690
Lawrence A. Gatti $500.00
Mary Young $500.00
Andrew Oh $250.00
Merck Partnership for Giving $250.00
Patrick Brennan $250.00
michele c lewis $200.00
Richard Brennan $200.00
Carmen Calabrese $100.00
Carol Crouse $100.00
Christine Huntzinger $100.00
Jacob K Niksto $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Marc Douek $100.00
Michael P Kane $100.00
Philip Landis $100.00
Richard Balderston & 3B Orthopaedics PC $100.00
Thomas G Phelps $100.00
Laura Becker $75.00
Bruce C Knepper $50.00
christine n durst $50.00
Dane Danielson $50.00
Daniel R Alma $50.00
E. West $50.00
Holly D Chapin $50.00
Jennifer Muntz $50.00
Jill Herr $50.00
John Kallarakkal $50.00
John Lee $50.00
Joseph A McCoy $50.00
Joy S. Friedman $50.00
Keith Creagh $50.00
Kimberly Davis $50.00
Megan E Murray $50.00
melissa danzer $50.00
Michael Gowdy $50.00
Rita Devine $50.00
Sheila Rineer $50.00
Vincent Calabrese $50.00
Andrew Downs $25.00
Christine Spera $25.00
Erin Haley $25.00
Hayley Jodoin $25.00
janice milewski $25.00
jann l mcmaster $25.00
Joe B Barone $25.00
John Malara $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Laura K Phelps $25.00
Leslie Kuhagen $25.00
robin elican $25.00
Sarah Tokarczyk $25.00
William & Jane Batchelor $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Sally A Davis $20.00
Scott Rushanan $20.00