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About Kaitlyn Smith and Mike Anderson

We're both seniors at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Kaitlyn is a double major in Spanish and Geography and plans to attend medical school in the future. Mike is also a double major in Civil Engineering and Management and plans to continue his studies in London this coming fall. As the May 2012 graduation date quickly approaches, we've started to think a lot about what's important to us. We've decided that the answer to this question that weighs heavily on so many college students' minds as they prepare to enter the "real world" is family, adventure, and passion.

With Bike the US for MS, we are able to tie these three values together. Mike's father, David, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1996 and retired under disability in 2004. Mike has seen how MS can affect a family firsthand and this trip is the perfect opportunity to thank his father for all he has done.

We are both athletic and thrive on challenges, new adventures, and making unforgettable memories. As a couple, we love to have fun and are so excited about being able to embark on this journey of a lifetime with a team of inspirational people who also hold MS close to their hearts.

It's not easy to stray from the traditional path of graduating college and entering directly into the working world. But we've realized that fulfilling our passions and pausing to enjoy the ride shouldn't be saved for retirement or the future.  We look forward to seeing our country on bicycle with such a unique perspective, and we are inspired by the awareness and funds that we will take part in raising along the way. We're young, we're spirited, and we're riding for David Anderson!

"Love life, engage in it, give it all you've got. Love it with a passion, because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it.” -Maya Angelou 

Kaitlyn Smith and Mike Anderson's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2012 TEAM TOTAL: $100781

ALL 2012 TEAMS TOTAL: $251266

RAISED: $15650
Catherine & Lance Brasher $1000.00
David E Anderson $1000.00
Mark Appelberg $1000.00
Kappa Kappa Gamma - Delta Phi $600.00
Erik Solberg $500.00
Karen Smith $500.00
Karen Smith $500.00
Paul J Brignola $500.00
Sara & Kate Bloom $500.00
Steve Lewine $500.00
matthew pruitt $300.00
All Star Petro Marts $250.00
Anthony Tomas $250.00
Suzanne Anderson $201.00
Christopher Anderson $200.00
Constellation Wines U.S. Inc. $200.00
Deborah A Conlon $200.00
George B Fink $200.00
James & Josephine Costello $200.00
Lawrence Shulman $200.00
William B. Falk $200.00
Anthony Barone $150.00
Grace Polan $150.00
Jeffrey Smith $150.00
Nicole Barone $150.00
A Healthy Smile Dentistry $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Alicia Prete $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Andrew Nitkin $100.00
annaliese reynolds $100.00
Anthony L. Barone $100.00
Beth Leinberry $100.00
Christina Brignola $100.00
Classic Label $100.00
Daniel & Jean Meisenheimer $100.00
Dawn Fink $100.00
Donald R Hiller II $100.00
Dorothy Child $100.00
Erika Sletten $100.00
Gastroenterology & Internal Medicine of Orange $100.00
George & Colleen Hardin $100.00
Irene Stuart $100.00
Jeffrey Berkowitz $100.00
Jerry A Nocerino $100.00
John A. Gibbons $100.00
Jonathan & Mary Ellen Flatlow $100.00
Judy E. Carlsson $100.00
Kenneth C Starkey $100.00
Lori Minasi $100.00
Mary J Kaump $100.00
Melissa Murray $100.00
Paul Michael Yetter $100.00
Samantha H Starkey $100.00
Steve Solberg $100.00
Steven J Schoenfelder $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Susan C Huang $100.00
Violet R Nastri $100.00
William F. Giese III $100.00
Anonymous $95.00
Stephen Maier $75.00
Emilie A Kozol $58.00
Rita I. King $51.00
Ardmore Business Forms $50.00
Bernadette Sussman $50.00
Brian D Sink $50.00
Carl & Estelle Marchitto $50.00
D Trenton Godard $50.00
Denise Sousa $50.00
Douglas Godard $50.00
Drew Samuel Friedberg $50.00
J B Simmermacher $50.00
Jacqueline & Kenneth Pereiras $50.00
james cucurello $50.00
Janice K Biron $50.00
Jean & Bob Custin $50.00
Lauren Gram $50.00
Mary Jacobs $50.00
Matthew W Garber $50.00
Michael A. Anderson $50.00
Patricia Whitlock $50.00
Paul H Susman $50.00
Peter & Ann Marie Battaglia $50.00
Peter & Ann Marie Battaglia $50.00
Peter Begley $50.00
Rebecca Strichman $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Ronald, Francesa & Alexandra Loricco $50.00
Heather D Roberts $40.00
Anonymous $30.00
Anonymous $25.00
Corey J Schwitz $25.00
Daniel Francis Wooters $25.00
Gary R Weine MD $25.00
Katherine Westerhold $25.00
Lynn Korman Stone $25.00
Megan Beecher $25.00
pamela hassett $25.00
Phillip Y Kim $25.00
randi k alpert $25.00
Raymond Kessler $25.00
Richelle J Delavan $25.00
Rosanne Kroepel $25.00
Susan C Venema $25.00
Annette Rieck $20.00
Carol A Jezierny $20.00
Carolyn Jorgensen $20.00
Carolyn Jorgensen $20.00
Deborah A. Day $20.00
Dick Muyambi $20.00
Erinn D Flandreau $20.00
Matthew Beck $20.00
Sarah Dickinson $20.00
Simran Kaur $20.00
Travis N Mikalson $20.00
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Daniel P Dunn $10.00
Edward Dal Santo $10.00
Eric Feinberg $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
JohnJames Fiske Parker $10.00
Kaitlyn Smith $10.00