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About Joe Ferrell

I am Joseph Ferrell and reside in Carbondale, Illinois by way of Pennsylvania and Northern Illinois. I currently attend Southern Illinois University which is located in Carbondale. Carbondale is also right along the route that we are taking. I guess cycling is my niche, I have ridden and raced about everything possible, mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclocross, touring, and bmx. In the summer of 2009 I did the Transamerica bike route with my friend Geordie. During this tour we ran into an awesome group of people, Bike the US for MS. We practically saw the group for about 2 weeks straight, including some camping and Appalachian hill climbing. Carbondale Illinois was the last time we saw the group, but we exchanged information with Don from Bike the US for MS. The trip was absolutely amazing overall and made me think of the possibility of doing it again with a group for a cause. This became a reality when Don and I began exchanging emails about the 2010 trip. Currently I am trying to recruit students from Southern Illinois University, while spreading the word on BiketheUSforMS and MS in general. The whole MS thing is kind of new to me - I was familiar with MS before I joined the crew, but had never really done any fundraising before. I am happy to help with any cause because I feel like it is important to reach people on all levels. I am looking forward to helping fund raise and spread the word about MS.

Joe Ferrell's Fundraising

TEAM GOAL: $150000

TEAM RAISED: $100764


Jean M. Moe-Cathro $100.00
Robin Dye $50.00
Kathleen Slusser $25.00
Adam Bengtson $20.00
Anonymous $20.00
Shirley Wong $20.00
Collin Malony $10.00
Danny Ricciotti $10.00
Holly Gilmore $10.00
Nicholas Page $10.00
Studiobystacy $10.00