Germantown, Maryland
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Scattante CFR, the kind with two wheels.
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About Jim Omans

And why not! I have been inspired by the other participants to take up this challenge. Diane, my wife of 25 years, understands and supports me. My kids, Marcela (20) and David (18), show mild teenager interest. They all had to put up with years of my mountain biking adventures and other assorted road trips in the past. Participating in an epic bike ride while doing something for the MS Foundation will be a great way to spend my summer and celebrate my 60th birthday.

I was raised in Minnesota, served three years in the Army, graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BSCE, moved to Annapolis, worked in Baltimore and Washington DC. I am married, adopted my two childern in the country of Colombia, have traveled to Ecuador for humanitarian service, and recently traveled 1,500 miles through Mexico with my brother pulling his 20' boat behind his truck.

Currently I live in Germantown, Maryland and work in Bethesda for Clark Construction. I am a lucky man to have a good family.

Jim Omans' Fundraising

TRANSAM 2012 TEAM TOTAL: $100781

ALL 2012 TEAMS TOTAL: $251266

RAISED: $6585
Clark Construction Group, LLC $3785.00
Gerard J. Eberz $1000.00
Robert E Schofield Jr $300.00
Barry & Pamela DePauw $250.00
Jonathan B. Kurtis $250.00
judy carlson $250.00
Barbara Eberz $200.00
Brian J Eberz $200.00
Anonymous $100.00
Gerard & Darlene Eberz $100.00
Kimberly A. Blanchard $100.00
J Todd Bagwell $50.00