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About Robert Beger

Hi Folks!

I have dreamed of cycling across America since I was a boy when my younger brother and I would cycle to some distant orchard to spend the night pretending to be on a great adventure. No matter when and where I’ve ridden since then, there was always that dream of going farther. Many years ago, I put that dream on the shelf along with anything else that required any level of physical fitness. Until recently, I was a very overweight senior citizen with chronic back, knee, and heart problems.

A few months ago, I began an arduous journey back from obesity and ill health. Five minute walks brought on scary chest pain. But five minutes turned into ten and so on. I began riding my bike again. I started riding to school (I’m a high school German teacher) and to the store or to run errands. I did a 60 day juice fast. I joined our local recreation center and started Spinning classes. More and more seemed possible. Several people asked if I thought I was able to do the MS150 again. I started wondering if even more was possible. When I came across the Bike the US for MS site, I knew this is what I had to do.
My grandma Beger, who left me with a lot of words of wisdom, used to say that the only real prayer was gratitude and that gratitude was shown in living gratefully helping others. Well, I've been praying a bit and feeling very grateful for my renewed health and freedom. The best way I know to express that gratitude is to try and give back some of the good that has come my way. (Oma! Kannst du mich hören?)
Over the years, I have known too many wonderful people striken with MS and over the last twelve or so years, I have experienced in a very small way what it feels like to be a prisoner in a body out of my control. I am still experiencing a lot of pain especially in my knees and I know this will be a great challenge for me, but it is nothing compared to the everyday of those living with MS.

I can’t think of a better way to show my gratitude for this wonderful life right now than to take on this challenge, this adventure, to raise money to assist those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, those working to help them, and those not yet diagnosed.

Please help with your donations!

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Robert Beger's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2012 TEAM TOTAL: $100781

ALL 2012 TEAMS TOTAL: $251266

RAISED: $4136
Robert H. Beger, Sr. $500.00
Students at Bartlett High School, Bartlett TN $350.00
Anonymous $250.00
Darrell & Jacque Higdon $200.00
Jay Lovett $150.00
Anonymous $100.00
Daniel P. Nay $100.00
Dean & Carolyn Dunbar $100.00
Paul W Whited III $100.00
Theodore H Hanson $100.00
Cindy Galey $75.00
william bivens $75.00
Bartlett High Cafeteria Ladies $60.00
Art & Jean Thompson $50.00
Ben Beger $50.00
Carolyn A. Hager $50.00
d. Dieck $50.00
Gary & Martha Smith $50.00
Jeanette & Jeffrey Brereton $50.00
Jeffrey R Eichholz $50.00
Jim & Kathryn Steinbrecher $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Melissa Simpson $50.00
Michael & Teresa Gerlach $50.00
Oscar W May III $50.00
Rob & Janice Snowberger $50.00
Robert H Beger $50.00
Scott & Leslie Steele $50.00
Steven Perkins $50.00
Barbara S Roberts $40.00
Carl & Kathryn Price $40.00
Cathy C Schwill $40.00
Leila J Greer $40.00
Robert & Paula Morris $40.00
Robyn & Jack Maxwell $40.00
Cathy Bishop $38.00
Mark & Beth Pesce $38.00
Michael & Susan Finnern $38.00
Cash Donations $37.00
Anonymous $30.00
Anita Hsia $25.00
Ann W Hendren $25.00
Blount Smith $25.00
Blount Smith $25.00
Carlos P Buhler $25.00
Cheri D. Stephens $25.00
Diane Myers $25.00
Jennie Milligan $25.00
Kaitlyn J. Young $25.00
Kim Fridlund $25.00
Lawrence Russ $25.00
Lynne C Davis $25.00
Marianne Lenahan $25.00
Pamela Hoffmeyer $25.00
Patrick Gribbon $25.00
Ronald J Berenato $25.00
Roxie Bagley $25.00
Anne Bloom Harrington $20.00
Charlotte Rambin $20.00
David & Joy Cook $20.00
Dennes & Beverly Wagner $20.00
Doreen Penrod $20.00
Dutchalyn Nabakowski $20.00
Lori Fageol $20.00
M Deborah Morris $20.00
Sandra Stephens $20.00
Sheri C. Grear $20.00
Thomas & Denise Fulgham $20.00
Adam Renner $10.00