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About Liane Lau

My name is Liane (pronounced lee-ann) Lau (pronounced Lao). 

Groundhog chasing, pumpkin eating individual who should be on the Amazing Race. For an outdoorsy, adventure-seeker, it can be tough to run away from the sun, but also don't mind sitting back with a good, used, physical book that's cheaper than an eBook, and always in the mood for an upbeat, urban, dance flick or PG-13 underdog movie.  I adore Adele.  I can listen to her on endless repeat. 

Despite the fact, I own many gadgets; I don’t really know how to use an oven or a dryer very well.  Liane + microwaves are not friends… or really cooking for that matter. Diet is mostly raw and vegetarian… I say mostly veg because sometimes I lack protein and eat salmon as the quick fix.  When left to my own means I eat raw.  I am not opposed to hot cooked food as long as it is delivered or made for me. 

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Current city: Philadelphia (until end of May)

Future city: San Francisco (as of August 1st)

How I get around: I have always wanted to own a cruiser with a basket!  Or a P2 Cervelo for speed.  Currently riding a Specialized Ruby Elite.  She does not have a name yet but we've been together since 2010.

Favorite colors:  orange and green

Most likely to eat: banana

Favorite cycling snacks:  honey stinger energy chews

Friends describe me as: adventurous, organized, competitive and adaptable.

Superhero skills I would like to have:  dream of food and it appears.

Previous cycle experience, in the last two years, 2010: Lancaster pedal to preserve ride (51 miles), Philadelphia Olympic Distance triathlon (25 miles), Half ironman (56 miles), Lancaster Covered Bridge Metric Century (62 miles), MS Tour to Shore (100 miles).  2011 was a recovery year from foot surgery.  Active triathlon volunteer mentor with the Leukemia Society’s, Team in Training program.

I am excited to see the country by bike and I look forward to this journey.  Thank you for your generosity and support in this adventure.  

Dream big. Reach the finish line. Repeat.

Liane Lau's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2012 TEAM TOTAL: $100781

ALL 2012 TEAMS TOTAL: $251266

RAISED: $6015
Steve Debow $500.00
Anonymous $500.00
Gail Ryba $200.00
Jill Gordon $200.00
Kim Nentwig $200.00
Steve & Katie Koch $200.00
Susan Winter $200.00
don reynolds $110.00
Barry Perlman $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Carl R Leonard $100.00
Courtney Jones $100.00
ESM Tax, Inc. $100.00
Gerald S Dunbar $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Jane Carter $100.00
Janet Byrne Smith $100.00
Jules J Rosenman $100.00
Kay A Klotzbach $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Laura Leung $100.00
Lisa Handler $100.00
Lisajoy DElia $100.00
Marion A Joyce $100.00
Ramie Fung $100.00
Roberta E. Evans $100.00
Rose B. Arlia $100.00
sora kim $100.00
Timothy Haak $100.00
Colin & Robin Kelley $75.00
Elissa M. Pinto $75.00
Susan Gouijnstook $75.00
David Yelton $60.00
Adam H Raphael $50.00
Al & Dorothy Fischer $50.00
Brian D Sink $50.00
Cheryl Cyrkiel $50.00
Colleen K Balco $50.00
Constantine Karampelas $50.00
Denise Skaggs & Peter Massar $50.00
Hung & Marguerite Nong $50.00
jennifer saxton $50.00
Katherine C Pascali $50.00
Katherine K Crouch $50.00
Kathleen Printy $50.00
Kathy A Crandall $50.00
Larisa Youshock $50.00
Manuel A Perozo $50.00
Marc Mattson $50.00
Marcia Salovitz $50.00
Matthew C Swinand $50.00
Olivia Nellums & Brian Pasquini $50.00
Pamela S Cooper $50.00
Peter B. Fungf $50.00
randall p marcellus $50.00
Rhona M Robbin $50.00
Richard Fung $50.00
Theresa L Schiesl $50.00
Anonymous $40.00
Julie Stroetker $30.00
Nenden Stillman $30.00
Tara Goldberg $30.00
Clare E Cashen $25.00
Erica Considine $25.00
Kelly Odom $25.00
Paul & Nancy Crochiere $25.00
Elisabeth Bass $20.00
Anonymous $20.00