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About Seth Milam

Hey everyone, my name is Seth Milam. I'm currently attending Southern Illinois University and am about to get my degree in Psychology. While I am fairly new to cycling, having only gotten into it within the last year or two, I've fallen in love with it. Few things compare to the joy of tearing down the street keeping up with traffic, or just cruising around with a group of friends. Needless to say, I am very excited to get a chance to bike across the United States. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate making it through college than by seeing all the natural beauty of our country by way of my favorite mode of transportation. It is an opportunity I'm not willing to miss. I'm very excited to ride across the country, but also to raise money for such a good cause. I can't wait to get on the road - see you all this summer!!

Seth Milam's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2010 TEAM TOTAL: $100764

ALL 2010 TEAMS TOTAL: $100764

RAISED: $3440
Kathy Pericak-Spector $560.00
SIU Raffle $500.00
Dana Talley $300.00
Jim Renshaw $200.00
Kate Milam Renshaw $200.00
David & Sheryl Saue $100.00
David & Vickey Anderson $100.00
Edwin & Charlene Sarver $100.00
Kent Stalon $100.00
Richard & Ellen Bradley $100.00
William Milam $100.00
Kristina Davis $75.00
Beverly Milam Taylor $50.00
Corene Mavigliano $50.00
Doris Stein $50.00
Gerrie Milam $50.00
Joe Petrea $50.00
Lea Gorman $50.00
Martha Gruenkemeyer $50.00
Nicholas Dalrymple $50.00
The generous & snowed in people of Carbondale $50.00
Timothy Stelzer $50.00
Dana Oberg $35.00
James & Eleanor McQueen $35.00
Mary Anne Pruden $35.00
Craig Attisano $30.00
Jeannell Charman $30.00
Albert Gallatin $25.00
Connie & John Cavaletto $25.00
Dennis Poshard $25.00
Douglas McDonald $25.00
Greg Gruenkemeyer $25.00
Jennifer Wight $25.00
Robert Taylor $25.00
Ron & Diane Eller $25.00
Stacey Swift $25.00
Tom & Janet Hopkins $25.00
Wiladeen Storment $25.00
Zach Roeckeman $25.00
Sarah Renshaw $20.00
Scott Ishman $20.00