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About Kurt Rishel

Hello all,


My name is Kurt Rishel, and I'm currently a junior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Chemistry/Pre-med. For those who don't know me, I'm a HUGE sports fan. I love playing/watching any sports whether it be soccer, basketball, football, running, golf, cycling, or quidditch. I'm currently Vice President of Quidditch Club of Pittsburgh and am also an active volunteer at York Hospital and a Summer Camp Counselor for my local township.

I started cycling after I graduated from high school and needed something to fill the void of not playing on a sports team. I bought my first old road bike for $75 and have loved cycling ever since.

With the rigors of medical school looming in the near future, I figure this will be my last summer to get out and explore the country from the saddle while benefitting a great cause!  When I read about Bike the US for MS I wanted nothing more than to become involved. When I began this journey I didn’t personally know anyone with MS. Since then, I have found a number of people who either struggle with the disease, or know someone who does. I understand the severity of the disease and how it is rapidly growing. This charity does a tremendous job of raising money and awareness for MS, and I am proud to be involved with such a great organization.

This truly is a fantastic program, and I look forward to not only riding next summer but also fundraising and raising awareness for MS so that hopefully we are on our way to not only developing better treatments for those living with MS, but to finding a cure.

Kurt Rishel's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $4684
John & Sue Varner $300.00
Isaac's Restaurant Fundraiser $200.00
June & Kenneth Fisher $130.00
Carl & Vonda Moon $100.00
Dave & Sue Belnick $100.00
Dover Lioness Club $100.00
Dover Lions Club $100.00
Erin Rishel $100.00
Harold & Carolyn Rishel $100.00
jeffrey l rishel $100.00
Larry Findlay $100.00
Maureen Schreiber $100.00
Meghan Rishel & Sam Rinde $100.00
Michelle Sterner $100.00
Roger Prevot $100.00
Russ & Lori Jacobs $100.00
Sean & Beth Brennan $100.00
Stephanie Rhoads $100.00
The McCabe's $100.00
Dustin Iser $75.00
Jonathan Rinde $75.00
Ethel Hamscher $70.00
Edward Davis $65.00
Gault Wellness Center $65.00
Lena Frennborn $65.00
Owen & Doris Roberts $65.00
Rosemary Sieffert $65.00
The Swomley's $65.00
John & Judith Battaglia $61.00
Bob & Kay Rishel $60.00
Emily J Wiley $60.00
Gary & Sue Hartman $60.00
Gene & Shirly Findlay $60.00
Kevin & Cathie Carpenter $60.00
Kimberly M Shackelford $60.00
Scott Findlay $60.00
Thomas & Amy Findlay $60.00
Barbara Howard $50.00
Darlene Kann $50.00
Dick & Sandy Bear $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
James & Jane Boyle $50.00
June & Reynold Reifinger $50.00
Karla McCleary $50.00
Mary Jane Epley $50.00
Sandra Moler $50.00
York Volkswagen $50.00
Dawn Brenner $40.00
Erik Rishel $40.00
Frank & Ashley Lenno $40.00
Nate Trimmer $35.00
Dorothy & Carl Rishel $30.00
Grandpa Rishel $30.00
Anonymous $28.00
Adona Rishel $25.00
Annie King $25.00
deborah a cordi $25.00
Dennis Crovella $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Douglas G. Lehigh $25.00
Dr. Keith & Katherine Tyson $25.00
Eric J Glenn $25.00
Lynn Siford $25.00
Mindy Haldeman $25.00
Tom & Janet Fadely $25.00
Andrew Stiffler $20.00
Bob Bowers $20.00
Janice Campbell $20.00
Katie Chase $20.00
Lester Thomas $20.00
Linda Ritchie $20.00
Peggy Baum $20.00
Suzanne Petry $20.00
Anonymous $10.00
Eileen Christensen $10.00
Greg & Barbara Howard $10.00
Kenneth & Doris Dornblaser $10.00
Thomas J Munson $10.00