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Life is short and talk is cheap, it is time for me to attack that bucket list. With your help, I will ride across America for MS in memory of my mom and all those suffering with this disease.  My plan is to complete another great year in the classroom, shutting it down on May 31st, and on June 1st,  I will hop on my bike and ride! Beginning on the east coast, the goal is to finish with a  dip of my wheel in the Pacific on August 1st. Check out the route on this website, or on my Facebook page.  I welcome a ride-along in any state!!  Thank you in advance for any contribution to this endeavor.  Wish me luck and always remember to share the road!

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Mary Lutkewitte's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $5103
Anonymous $468.00
Harold Beasley $400.00
Ann Beasley Bacon $300.00
Jerri Curtis $250.00
Joellen Flynn $250.00
Kathryn M Beasley $250.00
Michelle Guinigundo $200.00
Timothy Goeglein $200.00
Valerie & Amanda Fischer $200.00
Matthew & Beverly Schwarber $150.00
Chele Heid $100.00
James Boland & Donna Hartman $100.00
Karla Guinigundo $100.00
Lori Schultz $100.00
m jeanne kopp $100.00
sandra chronis $100.00
Stacey Hodgett Corevolution $100.00
Theodore A Griffin $100.00
TJJ Restaurant Company $100.00
V.L. Brenzinski $100.00
Barbara K. Frederick $50.00
Carolyn Tupler $50.00
Cathy B Byrd $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
David Braun $50.00
Irene Doherty $50.00
Janet Smith $50.00
Jessica Kennell $50.00
John & Jennifer Birkenshaw $50.00
Kathleen A. George $50.00
Laura Condo $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Mary K Pieper $50.00
Nancy Reed $50.00
Peggy Brenner $50.00
Rebecca Schriml $50.00
Sandra C. Howard $50.00
Susan G Wyder $50.00
Ann Marie Hermes $30.00
Gregory & Kristin Grote $30.00
Rosemany & Michael Garrison $30.00
Carl & Cheryl Dorsch $25.00
Carolyn & Martin Luond $25.00
Claire E. Lutkewitte $25.00
Daniel & Linda McCarthy $25.00
Jaime McGrath $25.00
kamila mcknight $25.00
MaryAnn McCullough $25.00
susanne whiting $25.00
Thomas T. Pieper $25.00
Bridget Meyer $20.00
elaine green $20.00
Jeffrey M Jones $20.00
Jonathan Ruttkay $20.00
Shelly Drago $20.00
Stacey Young $20.00