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About Liza Starr

Hello, I am Liza, and I am currently a freshman at Yale University. When I first discovered Bike the US for MS, I knew immediately that I had to join this team of inspirational people. What appeals to me most about Bike the US for MS is that it is about more than me. As we bike across the country, I hope that we can make the trip meaningful for others - for the people who benefit from our service projects and for future MS patients who may be cured.

Community service has long been a part of my life. For two summers, I taught English to high school students in rural China. I currently lead inner-city kids on daylong trips to the outdoors. I am even working with fellow students to expedite the resettlement process for Iraqi refugees who have become victims of trafficking. But MS is an entirely new cause to me! The more I read about MS, the more I realize how much we need to have better information about the origins of this debilitating disease and better care for those who suffer from it.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to convert my dream of biking across the country into a reality. I have lived on both the West and East Coasts (California and Washington D.C., to be exact), but what lies in between is so foreign to me. This summer, I hope to be reminded that this country is not just two coasts, but an entire landscape. Having hiked four hundred miles of the Appalachian Trail in one summer, I know that any trip like this will have its fair share of pain, especially for an amateur cyclist like myself. I believe, though, that the not-so-great days are as much a part of the adventure as the great ones, and that the challenge will make our trip all the more worthwhile.

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Liza Starr's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2010 TEAM TOTAL: $100764

ALL 2010 TEAMS TOTAL: $100764

RAISED: $4577
Elizabeth W. Hill $1000.00
The Litman Foundation $1000.00
Peter Starr $250.00
Keith Tobias $150.00
Nancy Starr $150.00
John Petrovich $120.00
Amy Lifland $100.00
Christie Skinner $100.00
David Sklansky $100.00
Emma Hill $100.00
John Wiley $100.00
Julia Hill $100.00
Julia Starr $100.00
Renee LaBran $100.00
Stephen Vehslage $100.00
William Starr $75.00
Evan Walker-Wells $70.00
Anonymous $54.00
Dwight Arn $50.00
Grace Russack $50.00
Sarah Arn $50.00
Tamara Silver $50.00
Sarah Chen $40.00
Carolyn Leung $30.00
Evan Walker-Wells $30.00
Karin Lee $30.00
Donna Freed $25.00
Emily Foxhall $25.00
Justin Magsarili $25.00
Maryanne Smith $25.00
Meredith Davis $25.00
Sofia Gearty $25.00
Berit Kaesler $20.00
Caroline Lehman $20.00
David Kemper $20.00
Eric Coles $20.00
Haynes Winkler $20.00
Jeremy Poindexter $20.00
Luke Hawbaker $20.00
Michael Minter $20.00
Sheila Enamandram $20.00
Kevin Jiang $18.00
Katelin Perkins $15.00
Melody Peterson $15.00
Raisa Bruner $15.00
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Sharon Berman $15.00
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