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About Brian Sink

We were told that it would be tough readjusting to real life again after the TransAm, and they were right. I rode with the group in 2012. When we had hard, hot days in Kansas, the question was which was the tough part, the heat or the wind. My thought was, "It's the biking." But since San Francisco, all I want to do is ride my bike, and real life, my bed and shower aren't as satisfying as they used to be. This trip changed my perspective on so many things, most of all on how little we really need. I'm ready to come back, in better shape, more experienced and wiser about the trip. God was good to me in 2012, allowing me to ride without incident and really enjoy His beautiful creation in a way I'd wanted to do for 30 years. I'm really excited to do it again in 2013, especialy since I found out that I actuall really enjoy riding my bike uphill.

Bike the US for MS is a great organization, and the service projects were very rewarding. It was also great meeting so many wonderful people who supported our efforts and the goals of BTUSFMS, including many people who live with MS themselves. I'm very proud of the opportunity to once again raise money and awareness for this great cause.

I live in Washington, D.C. It's a great city, but it's kind of hard to get out and do open-road riding here. I can't wait to get out on the open road again every day. I'm very blessed that I can make the time to do trips like this.

See you in Yorktown.

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Brian Sink's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $3832
Brian Sink $1100.00
David & Loretta Sink $500.00
Mark & Ellen Heatwole $300.00
Anonymous $200.00
Cheryl H. Dodson $200.00
John E Drury $125.00
Anonymous $120.00
Elizabeth Kegler $100.00
Eugene & Nancy Brown $100.00
John V Magistro $100.00
Joni Gibson $100.00
Judd Krier $100.00
Keith Winnacott $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Pals for Paws $80.00
Cathy Gainor $75.00
Mary Beth Boone $75.00
Beth Langenderfer & Alex Untch $60.00
Patty Murphy $50.00
Rita Riley $50.00
Anonymous $40.00
Susan Kinley $27.00
Dale & Christine Johnson $25.00
Jack & Anne Dillon $25.00
Chris & Jenny Hancock Family $20.00
Gentleman from North Carolina $20.00
Vicki Sink $20.00
Margaret T Mullen $10.00
Mindy Yockey $10.00