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About Matt Konecek

Hello everybody! This is going to be my third trip with BUS4MS. I rode full time in 2011 on the Northern Tier, and was a route leader on the TransAM last year.

I've learned so much about MS over the past 2 years and have continued to enjoy helping raise awarness and money for this cause.  This journey (from the start of raising the money all the way to the tire dip at the pacific coast) will teach you so much about how grateful we are for being able to complete such a trip, as well as how grateful people are who are living with MS, when they see what we are doing for them.

I am overly excited to meet everyone and get on the road for the third time with this AWESOME organization.  As a veteran of the trip, my advise to the full time riders: ride as much as possible and the beginning of the trip will be much easier and instead of getting in shape for the first 2 weeks, you can enjoy it that much more! 

For anyone who is thinkng about doing the ride, I am going to quote the great Alex Solomon of TA2012 and leader of TA2013.....     "JUST DO IT!"  you wont regret it.

Happy riding! See you all in Maine!

Matt Konecek's Fundraising

TEAM GOAL: $100000



Fredrick Gustave DDS $100.00
Gordon & Pamela Lindsey $40.00
Dale & Christine Johnson $25.00
Jack & Anne Dillon $25.00