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About James Whateley

Well here we are again! I can't quite believe the summer feels so close and I cannot wait to get back out to America and ride. Luckily for me, last summer I managed to complete a self supported trip across America, mainly on the TransAm route. The ride was simply incredible. It's nearly impossible to explain, to someone who hasn't ridden a trip like this, just how amazing the journey can be. It really was every bit what I expected and a hell of a lot more!

Whilst on the trip I was lucky enough to meet the Bike the US for MS organisation. They were so unbelievably kind to me and made me feel part of the team from the start. I actually ended up riding with the group for the best part of my first month, until we went in different directions. I honestly feel that without their help, I could easily have given up. That is the main reason why I’m back this year as a route leader! Knowing what it feels like riding through the best, but also the toughest days, I want to help others get that experience. There is no greater feeling than getting up to the top of a mountain pass to find others there to congratulate you, or having others to ride with an encourage you on the hardest parts. I would hope that I and the rest of your fellow riders will make this the best trip you have ever had!

Now just a little about me. I am English (if you haven’t noticed by the difference in my spelling) and live in a small town called Farnham, not far from London. I’m currently in first year at the University of Bath studying Mechanical Engineering, but took a year off last year to work and go travelling, hence the trip last summer. I have no personal connection with MS, but after meeting so many of those suffering from MS last summer, whilst with the group, it gave me even more motivation to come back this year and be part of this amazing organisation.

That’s pretty much it really. This summer could not come fast enough now, and I hope you are all as excited as I am for this trip of a life time to begin! In the words of the great John Green, “What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?” Trust me when I say, this will be remarkable!

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot them my way, either facebook, email or any way you can get through to me. Keep riding those bikes and see you all on the beach in Yorktown!

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James Whateley's Fundraising

TEAM GOAL: $100000



P Hochman $100.00
MISS R E M CASE $30.00
Dale & Christine Johnson $25.00
Jack & Anne Dillon $25.00
Anonymous $5.00