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About Cecilie Cardoza

Hi everyone my name is Cecilie. I am born and raised in Yuba City, California. After getting a job at the Corner Bike Shop, I discovered my passion for bicycling. I bought a single speed road bike and soon decided that I wanted more. My co-worker Drew told me about Bike the US for MS and the epic experiences he had on two of the different tours. I looked it up to find it was the adventure I've been searching for. What better way to see the northern US than by raising money for the families and their loved ones affected by this horrible disease. Though I do not have any direct connections to multiple sclerosis, I would love to help those who do. From Maine to Washington, help me reach my goal of 4,295 dollars to spread awareness and help find a cure. 

Thank you so much for your donations!

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Cecilie Cardoza's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $4515
Anonymous $1000.00
Nan & Daniel Jacuzzi $600.00
Henry Miller $250.00
Valley Truck & Tractor Co. $250.00
Ajit Bains $150.00
Anonymous $143.00
shirley jacobs $130.00
Anonymous $117.00
Anonymous $100.00
Cordano Spears Dental $100.00
John and Marian Hager $100.00
Julia Cardoza $100.00
Lisa Medlin $100.00
R E Young $100.00
Stuart & Clarine Musfelt $100.00
David & Judi Freiler $65.00
DC & SE Parker $65.00
Frank T. Hopkins $65.00
Kathleen Hansen $65.00
Lynda Skyberg $65.00
Sandi N Smith $65.00
Carolyn & Brian McReynolds $50.00
John & Karin Jelavich $50.00
Joseph Jaconetti - Twin Cities Martial Arts Academy $50.00
joshua parks $50.00
Nan & Daniel Jacuzzi $50.00
Nicholas Scribner $50.00
Sena L Minshew $50.00
The Susan Lynn Halde Butterworth Trust $50.00
desire lebrene $40.00
Megan McGinn $30.00
Andrea & Al Bonnenfant $25.00
C E Hughes $25.00
David P Straka $25.00
Krystal Wayne $25.00
Michael & Claire Toth $25.00
Scott & Marianne Oliver $25.00
Anonymous $20.00
Drew S Mitchell $20.00
Erica Cardoza $20.00
Lizette Zapata $20.00
Mindi J Ferguson $20.00
Ashlee K Pitock $15.00
David Hempen $10.00
Janice M. Hamilton $10.00
Leticia Torres $10.00
Linda Parker $10.00
Monica Becker $10.00