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About Duncan Moore

Thanks for taking the time support me and this charity!

Short Summary

Two years ago, I started riding as a way to explore every unique neighborhood New York City had to offer. In that time, I managed to ride every street in Manhattan! (there is a link to the video below)

At the beginning of the year, I decided it was time for me to take some risks and seize some opportunities. I left my desk job in the indie film industry to travel the south by busses (and with my folding bicycle), direct a feature film, and now I’m going to BIKE THE US FOR MS!

But this isn't all about me. This ride helps raise awareness and funds for all the individuals and families affected by Multiple Sclerosis.


What We Need & What You Get

I have pledged to raise $1 for each of the 3,785 miles I am riding in June & July with the charity.

My family and I are purchasing all of the biking and camping equipment necessary for the adventure, so your donations will be going directly to BTUSFMS and their causes.

To thank you for donating, I will update you from the road and send you glossy photos of the trip. If you would like to make a large TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation, you can do so at the top of this page to the right of my picture.

You can also mail donations to:

Bike the US for MS

PO Box 10001 

Blacksburg, VA 24062

Write checks out to: "Bike the US for MS" and put "Duncan Moore" in the memo line. Once the letter is received by the organization, they will post the donation to this site.

*Bike the US for MS Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt organization with tax ID #27-2192426. For more information on how to deduct charitable contributions from your taxable income try the following links: About.com & IRS.gov. Your google checkout receipt serves as documentation for online contributions.

A third option if its easier for you is to support via IndieGoGo!



The Impact

Not only will we be raising money and awareness for MS, but along the way we will be volunteering our time with patients. These projects include yard makeovers, cleaning, painting, or anything else that may be difficult for people living with MS.

All proceeds will fund home modification projects across the United States and support research & treatment at Swedish MS Center in Seattle, UVA's James Q Miller MS Clinic in Charlottesville, and Fairview MS Achievement Center in St Paul.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't make a financial donation, please help spread the links below through email, facebook, twitter, or any way you can.

Thanks again for your time and support!

- Duncan


Bike The US for MS:Duncan Moore -  http://bit.ly/X955mF

IndieGoGo:Duncan Bikes The US for MS-  http://bit.ly/11ssSjy

How I Biked Every Street In Manhattan - https://vimeo.com/58907824


And you can keep up to date on my training and photography here:





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Duncan Moore's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $3897
Duncan S Moore $1111.00
Shirley Moore $500.00
Stephen E Moore $378.00
Anonymous $350.00
Anonymous $333.00
Laura Patriarca $200.00
Lorene Quist $200.00
Thomas & Deborah Grieb $200.00
Joan Rankin $100.00
Rosemary Galloway $100.00
Anonymous $75.00
Michele Gabbay & OB Towery M.D. $75.00
Susan Crane $60.00
Diane Higgins $50.00
donna c Homer $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Shelbi Hawkins $40.00
Phil & Beth Hunter $25.00