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About Zac Elder

Hello everybody!

I am a recent graduate from SIU: Carbondale with a degree in social work. I have always wanted to do a cross country trip. I stood at the precipice and took the leap! Now I begin my adventure. 

There are a lot of aspects to this adventure and the most significant one is that I am doing this with Bike the US for MS to raise both money and awareness to research and fight Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease affecting the Central Nervous System. The toughest part is that this trip crosses the northern section of the US of A, a wopping 4,295 miles and the most important part is that I will need to raise $1 for every mile I ride with this organization, and I think I will be able to do this but not without your help. About 90% of donations goes to help the cause; going to clinics (primarily James Q. Miller MS Clinic in Charlottesville VA), cyclist support, and some home renovations and cleanup for MS patients during the trip. 

This is going to be an extraordinary experience for all of us cyclists, and for those individuals that we help so I do appreciate your support for this great cause and it can also be tax deductible, so that is even more of an incentive for donating! I hope you can help out for this good cause, every little bit helps, and thank you.

Donations can either be done here online or send a check to:


Bike the US for MS

PO Box 10001

Blacksburg, VA 24062

For those sending a check please put my name in the memo line if you want to donate towards my goal.

the tax ID is: 27-2192426

Zac Elder's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $4318
Daniel S. Elde $250.00
joseph elder $250.00
Dean Elder $200.00
Grandpa Dan $200.00
James Miller & Michelle Prescott $200.00
Teresa M DeFrane $200.00
Shanna Bertram $175.00
Lanna Niemann $100.00
Lisa Flading $100.00
Lynn Schurr $100.00
Matthew Reed $100.00
Max Owen Archer $100.00
Scott Hinkle & Troy DeFrane $100.00
Sean & Jacqueline Prescott $100.00
Teresa A. Winders $100.00
Troy Randall $100.00
Uniparts Olsen Inc $100.00
Victoria & William Odell $100.00
Lucia R Bertram $75.00
Thetford Center $68.00
Albert C. Lin $60.00
Glenn & Susan Burris $60.00
Curtis Meier $50.00
Dr. Troy Roeder $50.00
Janet Ransom $50.00
Joel Wright $50.00
Kathryn A Swanson $50.00
Lana Jo Nelson $50.00
Laurie Loerzel $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Rita Mathiot $50.00
Robert G. Pilon, JR. $50.00
Jana M Howe $40.00
Kimberly Barnes $40.00
Richard E. Egdorf $40.00
Rob Barber $40.00
Elizabeth Breen $35.00
Anonymous $25.00
Daniel S. Elde $25.00
Gary & Sandra Wilharber $25.00
Karen Neder $25.00
Kateri Miller $25.00
Katherine Allen $25.00
Mark Kloser $25.00
Melissa P Arnston $25.00
Misty M Richardson $25.00
Robert & Darla Evans $25.00
Roxanne Peterson $25.00
Steve & Kathy Herman $25.00
Remember When $22.00
Dan Aide $20.00
Anonymous $20.00
Gary Lagerstrom $20.00
Karen & Wayne Miles $20.00
Anonymous $20.00
Leah Allen $20.00
Lucille Smith $20.00
Mindi Nelson $20.00
Tyler Winders $20.00
Becca & Doug at the Doodle $10.00
Brown Traffic $10.00
Elijah J Chastek $10.00
Joanne & Randy McDanel $10.00
Robert Allan Claus III $10.00
Tom Genest $9.00
Erin Carlson $5.00