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About Phil Cooper

In 2012 I joined my 17 teammates on the TransAm ride.  A life altering experience I was able to raise $19,000 for Bike the US for MS, participate in the service projects and make life long friends with my most amazing teammates.  All this while learning so many things about myself.

My day to day life surrounds my family businesses, Cooper Pest Solutions and BedBug Central, located in Lawrenceville, NJ.  With over 70 members of our team it keeps me busy.  My wife and I reside in Yardley, PA along with our son, Andrew (15).  Samantha, our daughter is a sophomore at the University of South Carolina. 

As a result of my 2012 journey, I now lead life out of my "cubby".  I look forward to using a cubby once again when I join the Northern Tier in Washington State.  This year rather than bring a 20 foot by 10 foot cubby called an RV, I plan on living like I lived the last four weeks of the TransAm ride, just like the rest of my teammates.  My 30"x30"x18" cubby will be filled with only the essentials and of course a hammock.

One of our Northern Tier route leaders, Matt Konocek better watch out as I am working hard to stay with him in the Cascades.  For those who do not know Matt, he is simply the best climber I have ever witnessed, legs of steel.  So, yes, I may be dreaming but it is a dream worth working toward!!

Onward to the Cascades and a chance to meet the Northern Tier 2013 gang!!

Phil Cooper's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $5827
Enterprise Holdings Foundation $1500.00
Norman K. Goldenberg $300.00
Marathon Data Operating Co $250.00
Eddward Bradbury $207.00
Cindy Feury $200.00
Jeremiah Riddle $200.00
Kathleen & Robert Krieger $200.00
C A Marusiak $100.00
Cyndi Mark $100.00
Dina Richman $100.00
Gary Curl $100.00
Hendrickson Electric $100.00
Horizon Termite & Pest Control $100.00
Mark & Judith Nath $100.00
Mark Weisburger $100.00
Melissa & Paul Hurst $100.00
Michael Araten $100.00
New Jersey Pest Management Association $100.00
Richard & Paula Ruderman $100.00
Lauren Broch $75.00
Ahmed Azmy $50.00
Albrecht & Heather Koppenhofer $50.00
Anne McMahon $50.00
David & Joan Popkin $50.00
Dennis & Eileen Mulcahy $50.00
Dugas Pest Control $50.00
Essex Management Services Inc $50.00
James Larson $50.00
Jonathan & Christine Hoff $50.00
Kevin Connelly $50.00
Michael Aisenstein $50.00
Modern Exterminating Company $50.00
Murray & Elizabeth Katz $50.00
Ryan S. Lilienthal $50.00
T&D Mitchell $50.00
Thomas & Donna Rossi $50.00
Thomas & Judith Diederich $50.00
Kristy Noel Poh $40.00
Ida Judis $35.00
Harold & Annette Hochstadt $30.00
Amy Lindsay $25.00
Ann Provenzano $25.00
Capelouto Termite & Pest Control $25.00
Charles Rojer $25.00
Dale & Christine Johnson $25.00
Deborah & Martin Goldman $25.00
Dr. Mark Burton $25.00
Frederick Holt $25.00
Jack & Anne Dillon $25.00
Jeannie Leggett Sikora $25.00
Nancy and Malcolm Anderson $25.00
Robert & Carole Haines $25.00
Thomas King & Victoria Celardo $25.00
Allan & Frances Fried $20.00
Eric R Scherzinger $20.00
Karen Thorp $20.00
Lauren & Hyman Fenster $20.00
Lawrence & Simone Tumarkin $20.00
Mark Litowitz $20.00
Marvin Dupree Jr. $20.00
Mary Fry $20.00
Nancy & Robert Roman $20.00
Peter Gonzalez & Francesca Bianco $20.00
Roberta Schectel $20.00
Roberta Schectel $20.00
Rosemary Castaldo $20.00
Steven & Jennifer Gullickson $20.00
Audrey Lavine $15.00
Helene Plapinger $15.00
Mindelle Goldstein $15.00
Norman & Gail Cutler $15.00
Anonymous $15.00
Barry and Judith Kaminsky $10.00
Carol & William Wilson $10.00
Fred & Arlene Sturner $10.00
Irwin Goldfarb $10.00
Mildred Conroy $10.00
Nancy M Kintner $10.00