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I think I can, I think I can! Yep, I know I can! My inside voice says, “Just Do It!” I will have 4,295 miles to ponder solutions to all the questions sitting in my “parking lot!”

A journey riding my bike across the NORTHERN TIER with a group of riders passionate about THE CAUSE, will be an epic milestone for me. I’m ready to trade in work scrubs for bike shorts to raise awareness that MS is a disease with NO cure! Together, we can make a difference; my goal is to raise $13,000 to fund projects which facilitate independent living, give those with debilitating MS assistance, and help people “keep moving.”

It takes people power, $$$, and organization to find cures for diseases like MS. I am committed to ride because I CAN! I am training hard, my playlist is growing and I am visualizing the best sleeping mat money can buy!!!

One pedal at a time, one dollar at a time, and one NEW discovery! Please partner with me to rid MS from the US one mile at a time. Think of this as an investment in our future. Money donated will support people living with MS gain new lifestyle tools to individualize their needs, and empower them to transform challenges into possibilites.

“You have to climb to the top before you can coast.”
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving!”

Donations may also be mailed to:

Bike the US for MS

PO Box 10001

Blacksburg, VA 24062

*Bike the US for MS Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt organization with tax ID #27-2192426. For more information on how to deduct charitable contributions from your taxable income try the following links: About.com & IRS.gov. Your google checkout receipt serves as documentation for online contributions.

To the many people who have supported my journey with BIKE the US for MS, your kindness, generosity and continued encouragement are greatly appreciated, THANK YOU!

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Diane Mattens' Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $15591
Anonymous - Sponsor $2000.00
Brenden Hansen - Sponsor $1000.00
Anonymous - Sponsor $500.00
Bryan Michelsen Construction - Sponsor $500.00
First National Bank of Northern CA - Sponsor $500.00
Kevin & Ilene McFadden - Sponsor $500.00
Merritt S. Atwood - Sponsor $500.00
Swedish Neuroscience Institute - Sponsor $500.00
Barbara Casey $300.00
Lynn C Lumbard $300.00
Barbara Ewing $250.00
Island Athletic Club $250.00
Julie Campbell $250.00
Mukilteo Coffee Roasters $250.00
David Parent $200.00
Dorice McNeill $200.00
John C. Raabe $200.00
Linda Gipson $200.00
Maggie Eastwood $200.00
William & Mary Fite Black $200.00
Nathan Underwood $180.00
Edward Park DDS $150.00
Russ & Val Knapp $150.00
Anonymous $125.00
Beth Johnson $100.00
Bonnie Chapin $100.00
Bradford & Gaile DaPont $100.00
Carolyn Cliff $100.00
Des & Tracy Rock $100.00
Diana Graham $100.00
Edith Ida Pisani & Dolores Matisi $100.00
Elizabeth M Wright $100.00
jeanette braker $100.00
Jennifer Weber $100.00
Jenny McDaniel $100.00
Joann Hamick $100.00
John & Marcia Stevens $100.00
John P Monahan $100.00
Johnna B Holt $100.00
Joseph R McArdle $100.00
Karen & Gregory Sperry $100.00
Kate Waterman $100.00
Keith & Natalie Marshall $100.00
Lana Wilson $100.00
Lee & Merilyn Sandahl $100.00
Linn Blakeney $100.00
Lorraine LeClear $100.00
Margarethe Cammermeyer & Diane Divelbess $100.00
Mary Louise A Harris $100.00
Michele Poirier-McNeill $100.00
Nancy Neubauer $100.00
nicole d luce $100.00
Peg & Kenneth Urstad $100.00
Randi M Perry $100.00
Ronald & Gretchen Alsip Vollbrecht $100.00
Sally Cahill $100.00
Sarah & Gary Hess $100.00
Tara Law $100.00
The CLyde Theatre $100.00
The Knickerbocker’s $100.00
V.R. Peterson $100.00
Virginia Mattens-Molenda $100.00
William & Gloria Koll $100.00
Cary Weaver $75.00
Kelsy Sousa $75.00
Rachel Roetman $75.00
Andrew N Hough $50.00
Andrew Plitkins $50.00
Barbara Bennett $50.00
Catherine Rawlings $50.00
Christine McLean-Kesler & Christopher Kesler $50.00
Christopher Tumblin $50.00
Craig & Kathryn Stelling $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Gary & Nancy Ricketts $50.00
Gary L Ketcheson $50.00
Geralyn Cole $50.00
Ian Tully $50.00
Jane Goldman $50.00
Joan Wesockes $50.00
Judy C Brown $50.00
littlegirl blue $50.00
Lucretia Wieking $50.00
Marie Meyers $50.00
Mark & Barbara Schultz $50.00
Nancy Michelsen $50.00
Roger & Carol Mattens $50.00
Sandra Hoffelt Olson $50.00
Sarah Schmidt $50.00
Tara A Jermasek $50.00
Thomas Croley $50.00
titia chilton $50.00
Whidbey Island, WA $50.00
Susan M deBoer $40.00
Marietta & Robert Kahl $35.00
Michela Mattens $33.00
Gene Pirazzi $30.00
Jacqueline & Kerry McInerney $30.00
Jason Machacek $30.00
Nancy & Joseph Snyder $30.00
Robert Mays $30.00
Tamara Shanks $30.00
Ann Gilbert $25.00
Brad Wauldron $25.00
Charles Halterman $25.00
dayna m antognini $25.00
Elizabeth Steffe $25.00
Ernest Ribera MD $25.00
John & Pamela Kniseley $25.00
Michael & Lynne Malecki $25.00
Thomas Rowland $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Benjamin Childs $20.00
Dennis & Teri Hagstrom $20.00
Donald D Lemon $20.00
Janet K Lacaille $20.00
Werner & Ursula Sadlowski $20.00
Dayna Antognini $13.00
Whitney Hanson $10.00