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"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it." Lifelong student and teacher.
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 Hi Folks!

I'm one of those that can "ditto" all that has been said by other former riders - that is to say that the Bike the US for MS Transam truly changed my life. I rode the 2012 Bike the US for MS Transam from VA to San Francisco. It was another turning point in my life, revealing to me what is possible for me and what for me is possible to give and share with my fellow man and woman.

Most importantly, I came face to face with a disease I had previously known so little about. I was given the gift of meeting some amazing people and being inspired by them to live a better fuller life. It seems every little thing we do that is positive helps to make the world a more beautiful place. Do something good for your soul and the world and please join me in this journey!

It is an incredible experience to ride, under your own power, across our beautiful country (it is hard to imagine unless you have done it yourself), meeting so many wonderful people, and seeing such wonderous natural beauty. But it is the people you ride with and the people you are serving by raising money for treatment and research to fight MS that is the ultimate joy and reward.

Each day of the ride, I have the name of someone with MS in front of me in my map case. I dedicate that day's ride to them. They are with me and they give me strength and a sense of purpose throughout the day. I found last year that these amazing people help me through the hills, heat, rain and chill, the headwinds and the saddle sores and they also increase the joy of a magnificent sunrise, beautiful vista, or quiet peaceful moment. Please add your/the names of those you know with MS to your donations to help me make my ride even more directed and special!

I have to return earlier this year due to responsibliities as a public school teacher, but I will be riding from Maine to Iowa with the the rest of the BTUSFMS Northern Tier gang. When reaching Iowa, I will turn to The South and ride the Great Rivers route and Mississippi River Trail back to Memphis and my beautiful home of Bartlett, TN. The total milage from Maine back home will be about 2,500 miles.

May God bless us all!


Robert Beger's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $2173
Robert Beger Sr. $500.00
William M Lusk $250.00
Darrell & Jacque Higdon $200.00
Dr. Charlie Lebel $150.00
William Bivens (Pat's Prints Auction) $150.00
Ann W Hendren $50.00
Cheri D. Stephens $50.00
Don Graham (Pat's Print Auction) $50.00
Glenda Shumate $50.00
susan baker $50.00
William Bivens $50.00
Marvin Townsend $40.00
Denise Fulgham $30.00
Jim Steinbrecher $30.00
Beth Beene $25.00
Dale & Christine Johnson $25.00
Dennes & Beverly Wagner $25.00
Jack & Anne Dillon $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Susanne Salehi $25.00
Al Tenorie $20.00
Benny Avery $20.00
Carl Price $20.00
Hunter Siler $20.00
Lori Fageol $20.00
Lori Fareol $20.00
Mike Hutsell $20.00
Mr. Jackson $20.00
Ray and Vi Scroggins $20.00
John Martin $15.00
Neil T Tabor $15.00
JoAnn Rowe $10.00
John Landise $10.00
Joy Cook $10.00
Jullian Scott $10.00
Mary Lee Hendricks $10.00
Mike Morgan $10.00
Trish Patrick $10.00
Josephine Cyr $8.00
Betty Pierce $5.00
Bob Grobmyer $5.00
Deborah Grady $5.00
Don Raney $5.00
Catherine Grossm $2.00
Sue Robinson $2.00
James Knight $1.00