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About Dave Chiarello

Welp.... Everyone is doing it!  Why wouldn't you ride your bike with this organization?  That is the question I asked myself and I ask all of you. 

After an unforgettable summer last year I have to ride for at least one state this year.  Bike the US for MS allows you to venture out and meet some incredible people, support a cause that affects young and old, and see places that blow your mind.  That being said, I will be a part of it until MS is obsolete!  Unfortunately an entire cross country endevour is not possible for me this summer but I am commited to riding the entire state of Virginia with the TransAm group! 

The coolest part about this organization is the transparency in dispersal of donations.  We as riders got to see fundraised dollars go into home renovations, service projects, and even big novelty checks given to local MS centers to improve their services.  My goal is to raise at least $2,000 for my short ride across Virginia. That could cover the cost of a bathroom remodel or provide a ramp to improve someones daily life!

Looking forward to June 1st. 

I would love your help with the cause or even better if you join it! 

Dave Chiarello's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $850
David Chiarello $200.00
Ron McLaughlin $200.00
Terri L Luzovich $100.00
Laura Zimmermann $75.00
Jack & Donna Luzovich $50.00
Sharon A. Fritz $50.00
Larry A Johnson $40.00
Steve Wedel $40.00
Diane L Bakken $25.00
Dustin Enockson $25.00
Kristin Swartz $25.00
Joseph Abernethy $20.00