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About Dan Catlin

Yes, I am at it again.  I have heard others describe this ride as an obsession, and I suppose I am obsessed as well.  If I were a master of words, perhaps I could express to you the joy of riding your bike to help others, but sadly I am no wordsmith.  Suffice it to say, I am beyond joy when I am on my bike, and I'm even further than that when it's for such a wonderful cause.  Really the only way you will believe me is if you join me - in fact, why are you still reading and not applying?

Still here? OK, then maybe I can convince you to support our cause.  Here's the deal, you provide the donations and I will pedal the miles over the mountains and valleys of Virginia - my home state.  No donation is too small - we all have to pitch in together if we hope to end diseases like MS, one dollar, one mile at a time.  Sound too good to be true?  Well, how about this - this year, I will MATCH all donations up to $250!  That's right, for the folks that give the first $250, your donations will have twice the effect - that means it will build twice as many ramps for folks who have trouble accessing their own homes, remodel twice as many bathrooms...change twice as many lives.  

Please help us change those lives!


See you on the road!

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Dan Catlin's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $835
Daniel H Catlin $100.00
Denise Catlin $100.00
Jennifer Gervais & Dan Rosenberg $100.00
Adrian Gall $50.00
Daniel H Catlin $50.00
Jared Zimmerman $50.00
Kelsi Hunt $50.00
Meryl Friedrich $50.00
Ottilie Duval $50.00
Daniel H Catlin $35.00
Dale & Christine Johnson $25.00
Daniel H Catlin $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Martha T. Limber $25.00
Audrey DeRose-Wilson $20.00
Daniel H Catlin $20.00
Daniel H Catlin $20.00
Joseph Abernethy $20.00
robert r small $20.00