Roanoke, Virginia
Virginia Tech '00 , Radford University '09
Trek Pilot 5.0
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About Dan Nuckols


I will abbreviate my biography because unfortunately, this year's ride, will sadly have the same fate. 

- 36 years old, I've ridden the last two summers with this great organization, (Transam '11, NoTier '12). Ice cream, brooks saddles, and honey are a few things I like.     

Ride a bike because it is fun and it will make you a better person.  Um, usually. Thanks, Lance, for screwing that up.

Do and participate in things greater than yourself, you'll be very glad you did. 

If you ride a bike, or know someone who does, please >> donate << $5.00 to the cause in my name.  I will match the first $250 dollars. I  would prefer 100 small donations over one large donation.  It takes masses to bring down the unthinkable, KILL MS!

Exceptions to the rule:  I will not turn down large donations!  

I look forward to riding with old friends and meeting new friends on my six day ride from Yorktown to Blacksburg, Virginia. OR the Kentucky line!!!

Thanks to all that donate.  I'll make you proud, and will share with you all of the beautiful landscape photos I capture.


Photos from previous rides can be viewed here: Transam 2011 , Northern Tier 2012


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Dan Nuckols' Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $1260
Birdie Nuckols $200.00
James Avarett Carr Jr $150.00
Anthony R Ramsey $100.00
Daniel Nuckols $100.00
William Eudailey, Jr. $100.00
Adrienne W. Averett $50.00
Anthony R Ramsey $50.00
Daniel Nuckols $50.00
Kathleen Brennan $50.00
Paul Angermeier $50.00
Samuel C Holbrook $50.00
Cindy Cook $40.00
Daniel Nuckols $30.00
Daniel Nuckols $30.00
Rachel M Gray $30.00
Alicia C. Miller $25.00
Jackie & Beatrice Wright $25.00
Joanne & Eugene Moss $25.00
Larry McDaniel $25.00
Daniel Nuckols $20.00
Daniel Nuckols $20.00
Joseph Abernethy $20.00
Tammy Wright $20.00