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About Jason Turner

Well Hellooooo!

I'm Jason. I'm 23, jersey born, currently residing in brooklyn and work as an Audio Tech in Manhattan. Come August I will hop on my bike and ride from Seattle back to New York City, and cannot be more excited about it! I will be making the trip with my childhood friend Ryan Riegler, who came across and brought to my attention Bike the US for MS. His wonderful mother-in-law Shelly fights with MS which is what led him to find this great cause. We will be riding not only for ourselves, but Shelly, My aunt Karen (Hi Aunt Karen!), family friends as well as the countless others. 

Ryan and I will be using the TransAmerica Trail as our main route/guide, with a few of our own detours of course. 

I hope you realize as I have, just how neat of an organization this is we've found and are willing to join us and do your part too. Every Donation Helps! Please, lend a hand, tell some friends, help us achieve our goals to help the people we care about. 

You can donate right here online, or mail donations to...


Bike the US for MS
PO Box 10001 
Blacksburg, VA 24062


Write checks out to Bike the US for MS & put my name in the memo line. Once the letter is received by the organization, they will post the donation to this website.


Tax Deduction Information: Bike the US for MS Inc is a 501c3 tax exempt organization with tax ID #27-2192426


Thank you so much for your time, 



(sorry it took so long Linda :/ )

Jason Turner's Fundraising


ALL 2014 TEAMS TOTAL: $316817

RAISED: $3053
Paul M Smith $575.00
Anonymous $262.00
David & Patti-Jo Smith $100.00
Elizabeth & Kenneth Carroll $100.00
Jenn Hass $100.00
John Homan $100.00
karen giganti $100.00
Linda A Riegler $100.00
Lois And Scott Carmichael $100.00
Mindy Turner $100.00
Sharon Thaler $100.00
Paul M Smith $75.00
Kira Thaler $70.00
Audrey Turner $50.00
Barbara Bello $50.00
Denise & Robert Lozzi $50.00
Edward & Maria Meredith $50.00
James & Lee Gow $50.00
James Corrado $50.00
Janet M. Williams $50.00
Janet M. Williams $50.00
Jay Huggins $50.00
Julianne Campbell $50.00
Karen McKenzie $50.00
Michelle Burghoffer $50.00
Shawn McCann $50.00
Wendy M Minovitz $50.00
West Milford Physical Therapy Center $50.00
Shirley Roiter $36.00
Michael Dygos $30.00
Daniel Gow $25.00
Elaine Prais $25.00
Gene Sabyan $25.00
Joanne & Raymond Ward $25.00
Mallory M Nuzzo $25.00
Melissa Farrari $25.00
Therese McNamee $25.00
Adam J Lazor $20.00
Janie Carver $20.00
Jate L Perllo $20.00
Kayleigh Milko $20.00
Ralph & Joyce Sturdy $20.00
Valerie Riley $20.00
Virginia Hofmann $20.00
Samantha L Smith $15.00