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About Danny Leavitt

Last February I got out of my chair and walked through a long stretch of cubicles to my boss’ office.  He was a great guy, and I knew this conversation would be friendly and lighthearted, but as I paused there, clenching his doorknob, I felt the weight of a decision that would undoubtedly affect the course of my life.  For over a year, I had been enviously pouring over blogs of cyclists on epic world tours, dreaming of pursuing an adventure of my own, but never knowing if I had the courage to leave a comfortable life behind and betray everything reason and society had imparted on me.  I wanted to do something extraordinary, live free for a time and unbridled by the expectation of others; most importantly, I wanted to make a difference, however small.  It wasn’t without fear that I entered that office and told my boss I was leaving -- it’s hard to say what this next chapter of my life will bring.  All I know is that when I’m out riding with the wind in my hair and sun on my face, I feel like I can change the world and, today, I’m ready to start.


So come May 24, I’ll be embarking on a two and a half month bike ride from New York City to San Francisco to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.  MS is a ruthless and degenerative disease that attacks the central nervous system and in aggressive cases can leave victims paralyzed.  I’m choosing to fight against MS for all those immobilized by this horrible disease who can no longer experience the joys of a simple bike ride or walk in the park.  New research and breakthroughs are abound right now, and I’m hopeful that with the help of your contributions, we will see a cure in our lifetimes.  With a lofty fundraising goal of $6000, I’m definitely going to need all the help I can get.  If you would consider donating to my cause, whether it be one dollar or one thousand, it would really mean the world to me.

Danny Leavitt's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $5689
Barry and Vickie Nemerow $500.00
Chad E Beck $500.00
Terry and Robert Leavitt $250.00
Karaoke Party Fundraiser $228.00
Emily J Murn $150.00
Barry Paul $100.00
Bryan Leavitt $100.00
Carol S. Burton $100.00
Jane L Weinberg $100.00
Judd E Burton $100.00
Katrina Shonbeck Echt $100.00
Peter Clark $100.00
Philip & Judith Gawthorpe $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Steven Sargent $100.00
Robert J Tomczyk $75.00
Abhinav Semwal $62.00
Alicia Griffeth $50.00
Blair Douglass $50.00
Brian Mazzaferri $50.00
Brian Slade $50.00
Bridget R Joyce $50.00
Carole Shneider $50.00
Chingiz Abdilov $50.00
Courtney L McGee $50.00
Damon McClurg $50.00
David & Joyce Sacks $50.00
David Sargent $50.00
Dennis Joy $50.00
Elizabeth Pitt $50.00
Gregory Leavitt $50.00
Hayden Pozulp $50.00
Jason Spitz $50.00
Judy Asselin $50.00
katherine r feher $50.00
Leigh Knittle $50.00
Linda Weiszmann $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Maple Run Stables $50.00
Michael Weishuhn $50.00
Pete Grivas $50.00
Peter & Kathleen Fink $50.00
Ralph & Sandra Brown $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
sandi marks $50.00
Thomas Evans $50.00
Thomas G Hirsh $50.00
Anand Pradeep Akula $40.00
Arijit Maiti $40.00
Anonymous $40.00
Marina Y Cherepanova $40.00
Mayur Patel $40.00
Molly A McNeil $40.00
sachin gupta $40.00
Jordan Kozer $30.00
Katherine Kauffman $30.00
Matt Mitchell $30.00
Patrick R Cox $30.00
Theresa M. Henkel $30.00
Andrew I Clayman $25.00
Barbara Martinex $25.00
Bethani Pechous $25.00
Breea J Burtch $25.00
David J Zenner $25.00
Ernest & Marion Gottlieb $25.00
Gladys Stevens $25.00
Jessica Griffiths $25.00
Joan Leopold $25.00
Karen Sevin $25.00
maddi l foote $25.00
Marlin & Sam Kirshenbaum $25.00
Maximilian Pappas $25.00
Michelle Kuhn $25.00
Pamela J Gilbert $25.00
Peter Michalik $25.00
Sandi Thomsen $25.00
Segal patel $25.00
Steven & Mary Fenton $25.00
Vikrant V Shitole $25.00
Chaminda Mapa $20.00
Daniela Hlinka $20.00
Danny Wills $20.00
Gina Regalado $20.00
Jennifer Salnick $20.00
Jess Nienstedt $20.00
John Duffy $20.00
Karim Nashashibi $20.00
Lindsy Castro $20.00
Marcus S Ricci $20.00
Michael J Novak $20.00
Oliver Jan $20.00
paul b hartley $20.00
Rajeev Barde $20.00
Stephanie Gravenor $20.00
Theresa M. Henkel $20.00
Jonathan Wood $18.00
Nikki Goldman $18.00
Renee & Ronald Alpern $18.00
Sandra Garfinkel $18.00
Cassidy Fontana $15.00
Judith D. Kolenda $15.00
Deborah Talip $10.00
Ellen Robin $10.00
Marisa L Amorasak $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Zachary Paul $10.00