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Hey there!!

My name is Anthony and I’m currently a Health and Physical Education Teacher at Kuumba Academy Charter School in Wilmington, Delaware.  I will FINALLY be tackling one of my childhood dreams this summer by riding my bike across the United States (Virginia to California!). This adventure has been on my mind for a while and I am so lucky and privileged to be able to do it and raise money for an amazing cause.

This journey will be tough physically and mentally, but not nearly as tough as the individuals who struggle with MS every day of their lives.  My goal before taking off June 1st is to raise a dollar for every mile I will be riding (3,785!!!) and I’m looking for your support in the cause! The money will be used to fund research that is crucial for this often overlooked disease.

When we aren’t riding our bikes, we are stopping in towns across the country to volunteer for MS patients. These service projects include home modifications for independent living, yard makeovers, cleaning, painting, or anything else that may be difficult for people living with MS.

Please take the time to donate and help me reach my goal!

PS:  Follow me on facebook!

PPS:  We all have dreams and goals, stop making excuses and get after them before life passes you by!     :)

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Anthony Slusher's Fundraising


ALL 2013 TEAMS TOTAL: $216589

RAISED: $3865
Matt Murray $500.00
Uncle Blackie $500.00
Francine A Jordan $250.00
Jonathan Slusher & Christiane Langer $250.00
Stranahan Family $120.00
Anonymous $100.00
Casey Slusher $100.00
Marilyn Giorgianni $100.00
Nice guy at Pomegranate's in Troutville! $100.00
Roman Pantry Donation Bucket $100.00
Tiffany Jassel $100.00
Applebees Team $90.00
Fred Sorbello $90.00
Pink Taco Team $90.00
Carl & Roseann DeGrazio $75.00
Roman Pantry $54.00
Daniel Lockbaum $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Kenneth D Johnston $50.00
Larry & Sally Fisher $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Susan Burton $50.00
Ashley Seagraves $40.00
Brian Wright $40.00
Amy and Nick $30.00
BJ Painter $30.00
Jackie and Jon $30.00
Megan and Pat $30.00
Ryan Morris $30.00
Steve and Sam $30.00
Anonymous $25.00
Clinton Layton $25.00
David & Sandra Wright $25.00
Jessica Ruth $25.00
Kathleen Snyder $25.00
Susan Jackson $25.00
Susan Slusher $25.00
Zach Magloire $25.00
Garden of Eden $21.00
Angel DiPietro $20.00
Anthony Slusher $20.00
Anonymous $20.00
Charlie Slusher $20.00
Eula Hooten $20.00
Meghan Taylor $20.00
AJ Venello $15.00
Alex Moore $15.00
Ben Venello $15.00
Brian Wright $15.00
Cara Flash $15.00
Chris Halter $15.00
Cody Stranahan $15.00
Dave Redfield $15.00
James Justice $15.00
Joe Scioli $15.00
Joel Rios III $15.00
Joel Rios Sr. $15.00
John Bowe $15.00
Julia Danks $15.00
Justin Danks $15.00
Kristen Gaudreau $15.00
Meg Taylor $15.00
Michelle Venello $15.00
Mike Stewart $15.00
Ron Magloire $15.00
Scott Ward $15.00
Tim Fry $15.00
William Johnson $15.00