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April 3, 2014
Dear Family & Friends…
Some of you already know that a super exciting summer event is scheduled for our family. For those of you that do not, it is the wedding of my daughter!
For the last several months, my brain has been telling me that I could participate in both the bike ride and the wedding. I know now that I do not want to split myself between two very important events in my life. My heart tells me that my family comes first. Therefore, I have decided to forgo the 2014 Bike the US for MS event. I hope that I can be part of this amazing opportunity in 2015.
Please know that I am extremely grateful for the support I’ve received preparing for this awesome opportunity!! Your generous contributions will impact the lives of many living with MS by funding home modifications, research and treatment.
Thanks to all!
With much Love….Melissa

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TRANSAM 2014 TEAM TOTAL: $123476

ALL 2014 TEAMS TOTAL: $316817

RAISED: $3985
Bottles and Shots Store $500.00
Muri Family LLC $500.00
David Mayfield $200.00
Richard & Donna Muri $200.00
Steve Becker $150.00
Anita Smith $100.00
Dennis Descheemaeker $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Gina and Dave Nearhoof $100.00
Jamie Descheemaeker $100.00
Jill Kolstad $100.00
Kristi Roy $100.00
Kyle and Ashley Descheemaeker $100.00
Linda Stiff $100.00
Lois Shelden $100.00
Lynda and Gregg Descheemaeker $100.00
Rachel Stansberry $100.00
Robert Faulkner $100.00
Scott's visa $100.00
Teresa Olson $100.00
Vanessa and Nolan Descheemaeker $100.00
Anonymous $75.00
Barbara Thomas $50.00
Carolyn Weber $50.00
Cindy Rutherford $50.00
Connie Damby $50.00
Deb Griffith $50.00
Janice McGimpsey $50.00
Jean Gee $50.00
Jeanette Rector $50.00
Kristy rankin $50.00
Liz Turner $50.00
Matt and Judi Martin $50.00
Yoshie Odagiri $50.00
Mark Anderson $40.00
Dezarae Brewington $20.00
Emily Damby $20.00
Lori Lutz $20.00
Megan Bartel $20.00
Erin Muri $10.00
Greg Koch $10.00
Jakob Plagenz $10.00
Nick Kozub $10.00