Healdsburg, California
Nishiki Riviera GT
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About Brett Knippelmeir

I am a sous chef in healdsburg, California.  I work at an amazing Louisiana-style cafe, called The Parish Cafe.  I've always loved bicycles, but just recently fell in love with the idea of touring.  I had no idea where to start, so I turned to random internet searching.  I came across the BTUSFMS site while looking for touring guides.  I immediately fell in love with the idea of the tour.  What my dream was lacking, was a real purpose.  I'm very excited to join the 2014 Trans-Am team.  I feel fortunate that there is an opportunity for me to find myself, while contributing to an amazing cause.  

Brett Knippelmeir's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2014 TEAM TOTAL: $123476

ALL 2014 TEAMS TOTAL: $316817

RAISED: $4058
Brad Knippelmeir $379.00
Anonymous $378.00
The Parish Cafe $315.00
Marin-Sonoma Produce Company $300.00
Susan Shapiro $250.00
Gary & Lu Ann Ehmcke $210.00
Tom Cashman $140.00
Rachel Smith $101.00
Cormac Reed $100.00
Heidi Moran $100.00
Melissa Frugone $100.00
Partricia Azevedo $100.00
Valorie Cronin $100.00
Buban The Man $75.00
john azevedo $70.00
Joni Schmidt $70.00
karen callahan $70.00
Marcia Fouraker $70.00
Michael & Christine Smith $70.00
Milo and Cheri Anderson $70.00
Tom Cashman $70.00
Tom Cashman $70.00
Tom Cashman $70.00
Amanda Janik $50.00
H Callahan $50.00
Martha Fiser $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Susan Shapiro $50.00
Danielle Weatherly $40.00
Elizabeth Carlson-Bast $40.00
Janis Brown $40.00
Karen Melang $35.00
Paul and Mary Wachter $35.00
Steve & Julie Navarrette $35.00
Tiffany Smejkal $35.00
Tom Ender & Brian Seil $35.00
Karen and Dan Lenz $30.00
Crysta Caprio $25.00
Frank & Sandi Baron $25.00
Nicole Snyder $25.00
Tracey Buck-Walsh $25.00
Amy Schmidt $20.00
Chelsea and Darren Krafka $20.00
Cody Smith $20.00
Dylan Wall $15.00
Cheyenne Flotree $10.00
Molly Tillman $10.00
Roxanne Crumpacker $10.00