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About Geordie Dye

Hey everyone,

My names Geordie Dye, and I'm a senior at SIU in Carbondale IL, where I study business management. Enough about school though. This will be my 2nd trip with BiketheUSforMS, and I couldn't be more excited to be back on the road, riding to find a cure for MS once again. It gives me such a great sense of well being to be able to do something like this for organization that means so much to me. This time around the excursion will be a little different though; I will be helping to lead the trip along with 3 other fellow friends and riders from the 2010 Western Express Trek. Leading may mean a little more responsibility and a little less riding but the same experience and enjoyment will be there. The Carbondale group seems to be doing really well in representing for itself this year, just like in 2010. People last year would often say something along the lines of “The Carbondale group usually takes it pretty easy, lots of breaks, frequent stops, occasional Chocolate Milk emergencies; but when they wanted to they could really slam on it and hammer down on those pedals” I fell like well be just as ready to have fun and enjoy ourselves this time around too. Not to mention the group as a whole last year were such an amazing fun loving and high-spirited bunch of people that it made for an epic summer. I made some great friends and had an unbelievable time in 2010 and I know it’s going to be just as good this time round in 2011. Cant wait to get out there and start pedaling for the cause once again, over what I’m sure will be another amazing summer. Ride on!

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Geordie Dye's Fundraising

TEAM GOAL: $100000



Barbara Gabric $100.00
gordon s. hughes $100.00
John Cassidy $100.00
Linda Kern $100.00
Nancy E Webster $100.00
Robin Dye $100.00
Andree McArthur $75.00
Marie Nadeau $67.00
Wayne L Silka $67.00
Adam S Barone $50.00
Alexa Salomon $50.00
Anne B Guaspari $50.00
James H Click $50.00
Bridget McCartney $30.00
Sharon Eckert $30.00
anne s bouchard $25.00
April Messmore $25.00
Carol B Kinder $25.00
Cynthia S. Steinbach $25.00
Kay & Mike Moriarty $25.00
Lisa & Willie Wallace $25.00
Mary Jo Witnik $25.00
Michael J Moran $25.00
Mary Corcoran $20.00
Rosanne G Jones $20.00
Marshall I Berman $10.00