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About Pepper Schuette

Hi, I'm Pepper. I love to travel by foot or bike, hiking or biking whenever I get the chance. I always have, yet somehow found myself stuck in a cubicle a few years back. So I hatched a plan to escape, and in 2006 I walked away from my career to hike the Appalachian Trail. On that hike I stumbled upon Damascus, VA the "friendliest town on the trail", where I now manage Sundog Outfitter, and I'm lucky enough to help others out hiking and biking and roaming. It's a great place, right at the intersection of the Appalachian and TransAmerica Trails. Living on the TransAm gave me the bug so I loaded up my bike, went to Yorktown, and started heading west. I rode past a big group at the beach all wearing Bike the US for MS jerseys. I tried to outrun them, you know, to enjoy a nice quiet ride, but they caught me. By the second week on the road Sundog Outfitter had become a sponsor and I ended up riding with them all the way to Pueblo, CO, where I turned towards Oregon and they headed straight for San Francisco. It was the ride of a lifetime and now I get to do it again! There's something about a long journey , it becomes easy to live in the present moment, and you meet kind strangers and make fast friends. We have the added opportunity of touching people's lives. I'm excited and honored to have the opportunity to work with a group like BiketheUSforMS. I can't wait to meet all the new riders and get back on the road!

Pepper Schuette's Fundraising

TEAM GOAL: $100000

TEAM RAISED: $102149


Michael Schuette $82.00
matt nordmann $50.00
Anonymous $40.00
Sandra Schuette $40.00
Bridget McCartney $30.00
Joseph A. Johnson III $30.00
Benny Adams $20.00
Rosanne G Jones $20.00
Stephen T French $20.00
Therence E Steele $15.00
Buddy Drake $10.00