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About Chelsea Weitzel

Thanks for checking out my page! 

I am 22, and graduate in May 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Sociology. And what better thing to do the summer after graduation than bike across the country!?

As some of you know, I was going to ride across the country summer of 2014, but plans changed, and I postponed my trip to 2015. This time has been well used for me, as I have gotten more used to biking (I am a newbie in the world of cycling).  Which leads me to be even more excited to bike for something bigger than myself, riding across America, raising money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, and also having an experience of a lifetime! 

What led me to this is really random and a classic Chelsea move... I heard someone mention that they biked across the country once, and I thought, "Why would I not want to do that. I'm doing that some day." So I searched the web for biking across the country and found the btusfms website. I don't have any personal relations to anyone who has MS. I know people who know people who have this disease. After reading and researching MS, I have become passionate about raising awareness and money, and riding in support of this cause.  

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is a chronic, and often disabling disease which attacks the central nervous system. Symptoms can be as mild as numbess in a few body parts, or as severse as being paralyzed and/or losing one's vision.  Symptoms vary from one person to another.  Approx. 400,000 people in the U.S. have MS, as well as 2.5 million people around the world.  Further research is being done to unveil particular ways to prevent MS, and what exactly the causes are.  Bike the US for MS also supports the research of MS.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Even if you don't financially support me, you have supported me through taking the time to read this. Please help me by spreading the word and raising awareness! I can use all the encouragment from you as well to as I continue fundraising, training for the ride, and eventually embark on the 3,785 mile bike ride from Yorktown, VA to San Fransisco, CA!  

Chelsea Weitzel's Fundraising

TRANSAM 2015 TEAM TOTAL: $191723

ALL 2015 TEAMS TOTAL: $578429

RAISED: $3817
Les Nelson Investments $500.00
Premier Bank $400.00
R A $300.00
Greg Thom $200.00
Robert Baber $200.00
Anonymous $180.00
Anonymous $174.00
Anonymous $163.00
Anonymous $143.00
Anonymous $132.00
Aaron and Bre Thom $100.00
Mark and Caroline Novitzki $100.00
Premier Bank $100.00
Esther Jones Family $60.00
Head bands $60.00
Megan O'brian $60.00
Cheri Steiner $55.00
Erika Baber $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Julie Swenson $40.00
Bailey Wallace $30.00
James Kroll $30.00
Anonymous $30.00
Anonymous $30.00
Anonymous $30.00
Anonymous $25.00
Emily Nyquist $25.00
Karly Fuller $25.00
Miki Hidalgo $25.00
Michelle Taylor $23.00
Kerry Bloomfield $22.00
A B $20.00
Brittany Walters $20.00
Brittany Walters $20.00
Drea Chalmers $20.00
J'lyn M $20.00
Anonymous $20.00
Randy Joens $20.00
Rosie Miller $20.00
Sam Petterson $20.00
Tiffany Ash $20.00
Anonymous $15.00
Anonymous $15.00
Anonymous $15.00
Justin Giuliano $15.00
Kelly Anderson $15.00
Kelly Taylor $15.00
Sandee Roth $15.00
Alexa Geider $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Bethany Buch $10.00
Briana Buchanan $10.00
Celia Berg $10.00
Hannah Steele $10.00
Kassie Snyder $10.00
Kayla Schossow $10.00
Maddy Clyne $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
Megan Arneson $10.00
Mia Kramka $10.00
Robert Beger $10.00
Timothy Huckabay $10.00

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