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About George Cummins


My name’s George and I am currently a senior in Wildlife Science at Virginia Tech. I love traveling and I’m also an avid cyclist who loves riding pretty much anywhere. Although I like touring and road riding, I am also a mountain biker and part of the VT Cycling team.

I first learned about Bike the US for MS through Don Fraser while working as a research technician on the Eastern Shore of VA. Riding across the country sounded like a real adventure, and as I was already a cyclist, I was almost ready to go along! I did two smaller tours later that summer with my Dad (he has been doing smaller bike tours for years now) and pretty much was hooked on it. Travelling by bike is such an awesome way to not only see an area, but get to know it. The magic of being on the road for an entire two months is a pretty exciting thing, and I’m looking forward to it.

However, what makes this even more exciting of a trip is getting together and doing it with a team of people willing to spend 3800 miles in a bike saddle to raise money for research on Multiple Sclerosis. This neurological disease has no cure as of now, and affects people in different ways, often leaving them unable to do many physical things.

My thing is, if I was diagnosed with a disease such as MS, and eventually could no longer do things I loved (like ride), I would be pretty disheartened to say the least. I would want there to be a cure, or at least some solid medical help so that I wouldn’t have to get out of the saddle. Therefore, I want to be a part of the cure, so that all people diagnosed with MS can still ride a bike.

This trip is gonna be sweet as, so come along if your keen, or if you’d like, donate some money to one or more of the cyclists and the cure! (The money goes to the James Q Miller MS Clinic in Charlottesville, VA.)

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George Cummins' Fundraising

TEAM GOAL: $100000

TEAM RAISED: $102149


Shannon J Ritter $200.00
Hitesh Patel, Motel 6 Manager $100.00
Cathy L. Cummins $50.00
Joan Listen $50.00
Anonymous $40.00
Rachel E Krauss $35.00
richard l cummins $20.00
Jean $10.00
Lois Doyle $10.00
Patricia Cummins $10.00
Loraine P $5.00
Verna Hoszowski $5.00