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About Amber Smith-Sims

My name is Amber and I’m a K-12 PE Teacher for students with disabilities. I love Life,  crave adventure, and  my  glass is always half full. I have an overwhelming appreciation for the great outdoors. I think every sunrise and sunset is a blessing. I believe in strong relationships. I believe that every experience molds you into the person you are today.  I have no doubt that my experience biking the US for MS will change me. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m looking for!

I hope that you will be a part of this journey with me by helping me raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Research.

Ironically, three years ago I had this same attitude towards life when I signed myself up for my first Olympic Distance Triathlon and was able to raise over $3,000 for Leukemia & Lymphoma. I had never ridden a road bike. I didn’t know how to swim. And I was an amazingly slow runner. Yes, this adventure changed my life. Accomplishing a personal goal and doing it for a greater cause is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done and at that point, I knew I was hooked.

So why did I decide to bike some 3,800 miles across the US? In August 2010, I was approached with a question that sparked me to dig deeper into my dreams and desires:

Instead of asking yourself, “what time is it," ask "what I am doing with my time?"

I’m 26. I’m a teacher. I have a pretty fun day to day life, but what else could I do to find fulfillment?  What else can I do to enjoy nature and build new relationships? What else is it that I want to accomplish? What else can I do to give back to others?

Not more than 12 hrs after this question was proposed to me, I came across the 2010 Bike the US for MS webpage and video. It brought me to tears for no reason & it was then that I knew I had found a new goal-something to do with my time.

MS does not yet have a cure, and little is known about how and why it spreads. It strikes the nervous system and leaves many in crippling pain and physically debilitated. Our ride will raise funds that will go to help support the James Q Miller MS research clinic in Charlottesville, Virginia. Almost all of us have been touched by the effects of cancer or an illness of a loved one and know how hard it is to feel helpless. I want to contribute to finding a cure.

Any way you can help me raise money for a cure is greatly appreciated!

NOTE: My original plan was to bike the whole US, but I had a school obligation come up. Fortunately, I will still be able to bike the the first 16 days with the team (886miles).

Amber Smith-Sims' Fundraising

TRANSAM 2011 TEAM TOTAL: $102149

ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $1000
Christopher Mottram $200.00
David C Johnson $100.00
Mike Phillips $100.00
Pam P Lewman $100.00
Polly P. Worley $75.00
annette dupree $50.00
Darrell Lee Farlow $50.00
Gordon L Gaar $50.00
Nicholas Michael Smith $50.00
Ashley N Campbell $40.00
Frances Beusse $40.00
Damon A Pestano $25.00
Jeffrey M Lyon $25.00
Christine A Mueller $20.00
craig forest $20.00
Linda J Ziegler $20.00
Michael Bowen $20.00
Anonymous $15.00