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About Jennifer Cherry

I can't wait for this summer. I'll be cycling all over central Illinois, covering nearly 4000 miles by the time I'm done, helping to raise awareness of what MS is, and hopefully some much-needed funds to help further MS research. I can't think of a better way to spend my summer.

I'll be riding as self-contained, doing mostly out and back routes each day with a few overnight camping trips thrown in. I'll be cycling an average of 71 miles a day, going out to as many different towns throughout central Illinois as I can to share the vision of BTUSFMS with everyone I meet. 

Having had a loved one who suffered from MS, I know firsthand what the disease does to a person physically and emotionally. It is my goal that my summer of riding central Illinois will not only bring in money to go to further MS research, but also bring hope to those living with the disease. 

Jennifer Cherry's Fundraising


ALL 2014 TEAMS TOTAL: $316817

RAISED: $2136
Brian Cherry $126.00
Vicki Wyatt $125.00
Brian Cherry $118.00
D Scott Pauken $117.00
Bethany Kriegsman $100.00
Christine Pauken $100.00
Claudia Bishop $100.00
Gary Montague $100.00
Jennifer Cherry $100.00
John & Connie Barnett $100.00
John Terri Raines $100.00
Kimberley McHale $100.00
Robert & Lorraine Rariden $100.00
Suzanne Simonel $100.00
Tanya Conover $100.00
Christina Cherry $50.00
Christine Cherry $50.00
Dale Johnson $50.00
David & Mary Ellen Schultz $50.00
Debbie Chiaventone $50.00
Donald Pauken $50.00
jim omans $50.00
Michael Pauken $50.00
Michelle and Todd Perkins $50.00
Sahira Fnu $50.00
Anonymous $50.00